Update: Hip Hop Personality Taxstone Found Guilty Of Shooting & Killing Troy Ave’s Bodyguard

Troy Ave, Taxstone

Update: Hip Hop Personality Taxstone Found Guilty Of Shooting & Killing Troy Ave’s Bodyguard

Update: (Mar. 24, 2023): New details have surfaced in the case surrounding the 2016 shooting of Troy Ave‘s bodyguard, Ronald McPhatter.

According to reports, Yesterday (Mar. 23) Taxstone (real name Daryl Campbell) was convicted on manslaughter, assault, and weapon possession charges for his involvement in the fatal shooting of BSB affiliate Ronald “Banga” McPhatter.

Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg said in a press release,

“Campbell was convicted of killing a man and shooting three others during a tragic and deadly confrontation in a packed New York City music venue. In addition to seriously injuring his rival and killing his rival’s bodyguard, Mr. Campbell shot innocent bystanders and put hundreds of other lives at risk.”

As previously reported, the incident occurred backstage at a T.I. concert. At some point, Troy Ave (real name Roland Collins) and Taxstone’s dispute turned deadly, with McPhatter being shot in the chest. As the two men fought over the firearm, Troy Ave was shot in both his legs and two bystanders were also shot during the fight, prosecutors said.

Sentencing will take place in April.


Original story: (Mar. 15, 2023): Troy Ave has made one thing clear: He’s never going down without a fight.

The Brooklyn-born artist (real name Roland Collins) gave jurors in a Manhattan courtroom on Monday (Mar. 13) a compelling account of his 2016 life-or-death struggle with rival Taxstone. Troy Ave detailed how he battled Taxstone (real name Daryl Campbell) for the weapon the latter used to shoot and kill his bodyguard during the altercation.

Troy Ave recalled squabbling with Taxstone, a hip-hop podcaster, over the gun, noting how it appeared as though the two were competing in a high school wrestling match.

Troy said,

“If it’s fight or flight, I’m always going to fight because at that point you could die.”

He told the jury that is when his enemy shot him in both legs — and it all went down backstage at a T.I. concert.

The rapper recalled,

“When the shot goes off I see the light from the spark and I hear the shot. This is all happening fast. I get up and start fighting Taxstone, trying to take him, grab the gun, and another shot goes off. I put my leg up to kind of block the shot from hitting me in the face or chest.”

Troy claimed that when he eventually got his hands on the weapon and had his fleeing rival in his sights, the weapon misfired. He then realized that Ronald “Banga” McPhatter, his friend and security, was lying face down on the ground.

Troy said,

“I rolled his body over and I’m like, ‘Banga, get up. Come on.’ I’m smacking him, … And his eyes were rolling to the back of his head. His shirt was red so I could tell he got shot.”

Troy was originally charged with attempted murder and gun possession for his part in the incident, which also left two spectators injured. He is currently on trial for murder, attempted murder, assault, and possession of firearms. The rapper’s lawyer claims prosecutors offered him a one-year sentence — instead of the 15 years he could’ve faced — in return for his testimony on Monday.

Police claimed to have discovered Taxstone‘s DNA on the 9 mm handgun used in the shooting, and he was charged in January 2017.

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