DaniLeigh’s Brother Seeks Permission To Serve DaBaby w/ Assault Lawsuit Via Newspaper If Hired Investigators Are Unable To Locate Rapper

DaniLeigh’s Brother Seeks Permission To Serve DaBaby w/ Assault Lawsuit Via Newspaper If Hired Investigators Are Unable To Locate Rapper

An assault lawsuit against DaBaby, brought by the brother of his ex-girlfriend DaniLeigh, seems to be moving forward.

According to a report from Radar Online, the singer’s sibling is asking a court judge for help in the case, as he’s been unable to successfully serve the rapper with the lawsuit.

In case you’re unfamiliar, DaniLeigh’s brother Brandon Bills has been attempting to sue his sister’s ex, DaBaby, since the two fought in a bowling alley back in February of last year. However, it’s reported that the case hasn’t made any real headway as the “Suge” artist, real name Jonathan Lyndale Kirk, 31, has proven unable to be tracked down.

Reportedly, Bills wrote in a recent court motion that he hasn’t been able to “locate and serve” the rap star. Offering a solution to the problem, he reportedly asked for permission to serve DaBaby with an ad placed in a local newspaper if the private investigators he’s hired are unsuccessful in the pursuit.

A judge reportedly has not yet decided on the matter. The amount in damages Bills is seeking from the case has not been disclosed. However, the celebrity’s brother said he’s suffered physical and psychological damage as a result of the incident. Additionally, Bills claimed he’s incurred medical debt and sustained disability from being kicked in the head. If you recall, video footage of the altercation did show DaBaby throwing the first punch, subsequently jumping Bills with the aid of his associates.

Police reportedly investigated the rapper on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon, as they reportedly believed Bills had been kicked in the head. However, it doesn’t seem that any official charges were filed. That could explain why the case was initially stalled on Bills’ behalf. As we previously covered, Bills was reportedly not cooperating with authorities’ investigation into the matter, temporarily putting a standstill on things. However, it appears that things are back in motion as Bills is now attempting to officially have the rapper served.

DaBaby’s legal team has maintained he was only acting in self-defense. His lawyers said that Bills‘ was the one who initiated threats, while seemingly defending his sister’s honor. If you recall, DaniLeigh and DaBaby had a pretty nasty break-up after they welcomed a child together. The former couple got into many public fights, with one heated argument resulting in DaniLeigh, real name Danielle Leigh Curiel, 28, being arrested and charged with assault.

It doesn’t appear that DaBaby’s reps have said anything about Bills‘ latest filing at this time.

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Authored by: Kay Johnson