Ex ‘Selling Sunset Star’ Christine Quinn Accuses Estranged Husband Of Not Paying $100K In Hospital Bills After Welcoming Their Son, Says Account Is In Collections & Her Credit Is Ruined

Christine Quinn

Ex ‘Selling Sunset Star’ Christine Quinn Accuses Estranged Husband Of Not Paying $100K In Hospital Bills After Welcoming Their Son, Says Account Is In Collections & Her Credit Is Ruined

Update #2 (April 17, 2024): The legal battle between Christine Quinn and her estranged husband Christian Dumontet continues.

Now, the Selling Sunset alum, 35, is accusing the tech businessman, 44, of refusing to pay over $100,000 in hospital bills stemming from the 2021 birth of their son.

In response to Christian Dumontent’s filing for divorce, Christine Quinn said in court docs obtained by TMZ that he promised he would pay the six-figure debt, which is in her name, but allegedly has yet to do so. She claimed his alleged decision not to pay has ruined her credit as the bills go to collections.

She also requested primary physical and legal custody of the child, as well as spousal support. She wants Christian’s request for alimony to be denied, noting that they still have to figure out their shared assets and property.

The two are scheduled for a court hearing today (April 17).

Update (April 3, 2024): A judge has granted Christine Quinn’s request for a restraining order against her husband, Christian Richard. Under the order, Christian Richard has to leave his and the reality star’s Los Angeles home, and can’t come within 100 yards of her, per TMZ.

He is also not allowed to be around his and Christine Quinn’s 2-year-old son, or their Yorkshire Terriers, Bubby and Teddy.

The tech entrepreneur can only contact the Selling Sunset star about court-mandated visitation concerning their child. He is barred from assaulting, threatening, and stalking his wife and everyone who is protected under the order.

Still, Quinn’s requests about visitation, custody, and payments on their property are put on hold until a hearing on April 17, which is when the restraining order expires. At that time, the judge can also extend it or dismiss it.

In her request for the protective order, Christine Quinn said her marriage to Christian Richard crumbled after they faced money issues. She alleged that Richard began spiraling and at one point threw metal objects as well as dog poop at the luxury real estate agent. She also said he peed on the floor. She said that after she broke things off with him, and was packing to leave, he allegedly threw a recycling bag full of glass items at her, which ultimately hit their son. He was later arrested.

Original Story (March 26, 2024): The drama surrounding reality TV star Christine Quinn and her estranged hubby Christian Richard is just getting started.

Last week Christian Richard was arrested following a domestic violence incident where he allegedly threw a bag containing a glass bottle at the “Selling Sunset” alum. However, the object missed his target and purportedly struck their toddler son. Christian Richard was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon and his bail was set at $30,000. Christine Quinn was quickly granted a temporary restraining order and an insider claimed,

“She’s planning on filing for divorce.”

Despite the protection order that was put in place, Richard showed up at their home roughly 33 hours after he was arrested, resulting in him being placed in handcuffs once again. Fast forward to today (Mar. 26), and the retired tech entrepreneur is seeking his own court-ordered protection. According to TMZ, he recently filed for a TRO and denied Quinn’s allegations. Richard’s side of things is the Netflix star filed a false police report and fabricated her story to have the upper hand should they divorce.

He also said their explosive argument last week stemmed from two dogs urinating on his belongings because his wife refuses to have them trained. According to Richard, he became frustrated and threw a trash bag – allegedly full of soiled rags and paper towels, not a glass bottle – against the wall. He denied throwing the bag at Quinn or their child but said after he tossed the bag, she grabbed their son and went to another room.

According to Richard, the next thing he knew the authorities were at their home with guns raised, taking him away in cuffs.

A judge has yet to rule on his TRO request.

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