Did Chris Brown Tattoo His Girlfriend On His Arm?

Written by thejasminebrand in Blog
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After innocently taking a very up-close look at recent Chris Brown photos, it has come to our attention that the R&B singer appears to have a new tattoo. On his upper left arm (right under the spot where his shirt sleeve stops), there seems to be a tattooed photo of his new girlfriend, Karrueche, with wet hair, and an angry expression on her face! Look at the photos below and tell us if you see it too, or are we just imagining things?



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  • Six2nHeels

    aw shit.. smh

  • K.

    Is that a joint in his hand? o_O

  • Netta B

    Haaaaaaaaaaaa! Along with what appears to be a pizza, the incredible hulk, a sun, and the big face from Ghostbusters that comes out of the plasma in the bathtub. #enough