Basketball Wives’ Tami Roman Returns to Twitter, “I’m mentally rejuvenated..”

After taking a little more than a week off of twitter, Basketball Wives star Tami Roman has returned. Last week, after catching some heat from an episode where some suggested that she bullied her cast-mate Kesha Nichols, Tami temporarily disabled her account. On Facebook, she the following message, explaining her twitter hiatus.

I deactivated my twitter for the time being because I have been blessed with a wonderful opportunity to work with phenomenal actors on a new television show. I didn’t want to wake up to the continual negativity from a mistake made over four months ago, which I have openly acknowledged and apologized for to overshadow the blessing of this moment. I plan to reactivate my twitter when a formal announcement has been made about this new opportunity with the hopes of putting BasketBall Wives behind me.

And over the weekend, Tami returned tweeting:

“took a break for awhile, but I’m mentally rejuvenated and I’m back…”

Welcome back!