Draya Michele’s Baby Daddy NBA Star Jalen Green Welcomed A Child w/ Another Woman Earlier This Year

Draya Michele, Jalen Green, Myah Iakopo

Draya Michele’s Baby Daddy Jalen Green Welcomed A Child w/Another Woman Earlier This Year

Reality star Draya Michele’s basketball boo Jalen Green will become a father of two in the same year.

Reports state that the NBA star, who is currently expecting a daughter with the Basketball Wives alum, recently welcomed a daughter with a different woman back in February.

Jalen Green

Reportedly, 22-year-old Jalen Green shares a baby girl with a 23-year-old California student named Myah Iakopo. Though the Houston Rockets player doesn’t seem to have discussed the baby publicly, the report claims that the child, a daughter named Peace Moira, was born on February 12th.

Myah Iakopo

Myah Iakopo shared an image of the baby girl to her Instagram story just yesterday, (Saturday May 5th).

Jalen Green’s daughter

The report claims that Jalen Green and Myah Iakopo were never exclusively dating, but rather knew each other for a while and got pregnant after sparking a brief romance. Sources familiar with the situation shared that Green has been present and financially supportive of Iakopo and their baby girl. Additionally, sources say the college student has no ill feelings towards Green nor his pregnant girlfriend Draya Michele. As we previously covered, rumors that the entertainers were dating started back in August of last year after they were spotted hanging out together.

In March of this year, the Mint Swim founder announced she was expecting a child with the hooper, who is 17 years her junior, drawing much criticism online. Many social media users condemned Draya Michele, arguing that her being involved with someone so much younger should be considered predatory behavior as it would be if she was a man and if Green was a woman. Draya responded to the backlash, however, insisting that she’s happy in her life and that her situation is just “misunderstood” by the general population.

The report also claims that Draya has been fully aware of Green’s other child and reportedly has no problem with the situation nor the other woman involved. It does not seem that any of the parents have spoken publicly about the matter at this time.


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Authored by: Kay Johnson