LHHA’s Joseline Hernandez Talks Pregnancy, Being Called A Man + Being Labeled A Side Chic

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Since last week’s episode, folks have been buzzing about Love & Hip-Hop of Atlanta’s Joseline Hernandez. Only two episodes in and Joseline appears to be in some type of romantic relationship with her manager and cast-mate (Stevie J), is allegedly pregnant and things just keep getting more and more entertaining for VH1’s newest show.

Recently, we spoke with Joseline about all of the above, plus rumors surrounding her being a man, being bullied into tweeting a nude photo of herself and why she doesn’t care about being labeled a ‘side chick’. Check it out!

What made you decide to quit being an exotic dancer? How long did you dance?

I stopped dancing when I met Stevie about 6 months ago…I started at a young age, when I was 16..on and off ’till I was 24. Of course I had a boyfriend and I stopped for a few years…so it was and on and off a little while.  I raised myself since I was 13…(in Miami).

What made you decide to do LHHA?

It was something that I could do that could help me see myself different. Somebody can tell you how you act, what you do wrong, but when you look at yourself doing it its like “Oh wow, I can change here, I can change that.” It was therapeutic, like therapy for me.

How has life changed since the show?

It’s a lot of work. I just have to do a lot of major work. I’m back and forth to the studio everyday. I’m always in the studio. I’m always dancing. I’m always doing something.. It’s just a lot of work…I’ve never worked this hard before.

Were you interested in pursuing a career in hip hop prior to meeting Stevie?

I always wanted to be an artist since I was a little girl. I always loved to sing and I loved to dance and stuff like that…And when I met him [Stevie J], before I met [him], I wanted to be an artist… But when you’re making fast money in the streets, you don’t really think about your future and your life…so he was just the one who really helped me and change to the way I was thinking, “You can do something different right now, you don’t have to wait, the money is gonna come.”

What type of genre music or sound are you going for?

I got some reggaeton for my Spanish people, I do a little Spanglish too…It’s for everybody… Everybody is gonna love my music.

Do you think you have the potential to be a musical super star?

Of course–I’m already am a superstar. Not because of the show, but because that’s what I’ve always been. This is for me, this was meant to happen.

How did you meet Stevie J?

I met him at the strip club through another friend, another guy we both know; but then from there I met him at the studio a second time, but originally it was at the strip club.

Why do you feel like you owe Stevie so much?

I am loyal to Stevie and I do owe him. He’s done a lot for me; he’s changed my life. I mean I’m just a real person; he changed my life… If it was not for Stevie, I would still be in the strip club and the reason why is because I was not ready to leave. Even though I know I have talent and even though I’m beautiful and I could do what I wanted to,  I wasn’t about to stop doing that because I was making so much money. When you’re making $2,ooo to $3,ooo a night and you’re 23 24 years old, you don’t wanna stop doing that–just to try [and] make it in this industry that is so hard to do.  So I owe him a lot… Whether or not Stevie and I work out, or anything… I’m still gonna be his first forever, and still gonna owe him everything because that’s just how I am. I feel that way.

What’s it about Stevie J that makes you want him so much?

I love Stevie. He’s a friend of mine and we work together and I’m gonna always love him. What do you mean what is it? Everything! We friends! Love is love, I can love you if I know you long enough. Its nothing about Stevie that I’m saying “Oh I’m in love with Stevie because of this.” No, I love Stevie because we’re friends, we people! I’m a loving person… I gotta love him, we’re gonna be around each other forever.

What’s your REAL relationship status with Stevie?

He’s my manager. You have to stay tuned to watch the show if you want to know that answer.

Are you comfortable with your image as a “side chick” on the show?

Well they can say what they wanna say if they think I’m Stevie’s side chick…It doesn’t matter to me what people say about me. I’m a single woman I do what I want. I do what I please, whenever I wanna do it. And, they can talk about what they want to say about Joseline Hernandez. I’m gonna be here, and forever is here, so get prepared to see me for the next 30 years. As far as Stevie goes, people can think what they wanna think, but I’m not doing anything for just Stevie, I’m doing this for Joseline. Stevie is gonna be there regardless, but that’s what it is.

On the latest episode you admit to having an affair with Stevie J for the past 6 months. Are you 100% sure the baby is his?

I can’t tell you that girl! You gotta stay tuned girlfriend! So much more is gonna come you’re gonna love it.

How awkward or uncomfortable were you allowing a camera crew up in the bathroom w/ you while you took the pregnancy test?

Well I wasn’t that much uncomfortable…I’m not gonna lie to you…I’ve taken a #1 with a lot of other people. Being an exotic dancer for so many years, you just don’t care..which is something I’m working on now…still working on it.

From what we saw, it looked like Stevie didn’t want you to have the baby. Were you surprised by his reaction?

No, I wasn’t surprised at Stevie’s reaction.. I know what kinda person that I’m dealing with. I know how he reacts to anything and everything. He’s just nonchalant to life… Stevie is just gonna be Stevie… He’s gonna do what he does.

There’s been a ton of speculation surrounding your sexuality. How do you feel about that?

I’m starting to take it as a compliment because they say only that men that turn into women are perfect. And I am perfect. I have a perfect face. I have the perfect body. I have the perfect everything – I don’t have a flaw on me.  I really started noticing I’m 100% woman… It’s really like, I can’t even begin… I’ve never even heard that before. I have men give me everything I’ve ever wanted, and I’ve never had a problem with people looking at me that type of way. It’s crazy to me. Do you not see all this greatness? I don’t understand, I’m confused. I’m beautiful and a lot of women would pay thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars to look like me. You know, I work out a lot.. take care of my body and I love how I look. And hey whoever don’t like it, they can stop looking! But I know they not, cause they love it too.

What motivated you to share the nude photo of yourself?

I was stressed out. I was wrong for doing that. I shouldn’t have never did that, that was my past but that was the first thing that i thought about. I just wanted people to leave me alone. They were just basically bullying me…people just really, they just don’t care… that’s how people end up killing themselves, because of people. I didn’t have to take it to that level.

Mona was not pleased. Is everything smoothed out between you and the producers?

I’m pretty sure she was upset about it, I apologized to her. I was wrong for doing it, and we talked about it..gotta move on.

Wrapping up here…I’ve seen a few people comment that the show seems scripted. Is it?

Everything on the show is real. It’s the realest reality of television.

What’s it like working with or for Mona?

We’re all trying to make it, we’re all learning. Mona didn’t do anything wrong.  She just gave us the opportunity to do what we wanna do. Its an opportunity to me, and those people that talk they wish they were in my shoes.

What do you want your legacy to be?

I love those who love me.  I’m still working. I’m still gonna have a career after “Love and Hip Hop…” I’m an artist.  Stay tuned, give me a chance to tell my story.

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  • Dubb-B(female type)

    Confidence is good, BUT she is just full of herself. I think at times she does look manly, but I think she’s a woman. And I think she has the potential to be beautiful, but her attitude is so ugly. She’s what I like to call a handsome woman. She has strong feature and I think a lot of that does come from working out. Look at Venus and Serena.

    • UMadBro?

      I agree. Her ego is what turns you off. Especially when she uses it to lie. I can’t stand people who who spout off about how they don’t care but lie about the obvious. You said you were single and a bad lil’ boosh. Don’t lie to everyone that you’re sleeping with him!

      • Dubb-B(female type)

        Exactly!!! Get your story and yourself together!

  • Anonymous

    I like her people don’t know her story @ all she’s very hungry & like she said she don’t give a fucc we could all see that so hopefully she will work on that she’s attractive with masculine features but she’s not the first & won’t be the last so people need to stop hating on her she’ s sharp as hell & she keeps you interested can’t hate on a fly chic sorry go Joseline & if u don’t love yourself nobody else will either!!

    • I agree! She’s a very pretty woman, & I emphasize woman lol…& we DON’T kno her whole story, she says how she’s been on her own since age 13 so she bacially raised herself with no guidance from either parent ( I have no idea how I would have turned out without my parents & their love & guidance) that’s sad 2 me & I feel bad 4 her & think she turned out not so bad 4 her circumstances…plus she says how she’s a work in progress & “working on things.” I personally think it’s really dumb 2 judge ANY 1, no1 is perfect period. So I think b4 any1 talks they should think, what if YOU were on tv, what would people say about YOU & how would YOU feel?! So STFU PPL lol j/k

  • anonymous 1

    Is she trying to say that she is only 25 y.o.? Because her mugshot was taken in 2003 and it listed her as 25 y.o. then, so that would make her 34! She is too old for this foolishness!

    • Anonymous2

      ^^^^ Strippers ALWAYS lie about their age…

    • Anonymous

      U are sooo right

  • TTDorsey

    I think that hard living is why she looks like that. I don’t think she is unattractive it’s just her attitude and her acting so basic is what turns people off about her. If she is talented that’s what I would like to hear, her music not who she is screwing, especially Stevie J.

  • Jan

    I think that she does care about what people think, hence the nude photos ect.. While
    I think that Joseline is cute, i would never pay to have a neck that thick or shoulders that broad. Anyway, you go Joseline, your bosy looks great, paid or not.

  • Marie

    I hope she doesn’t let some a$$hole convince her to kill her baby :( especially when there are so many of us our here that would die to be able to carry a child

    • Shay

      You could never be sooooo right

    • Anonymous

      I feel the same way honey

      • Anonymous

        come on my bed

  • Shay

    I think Joseline is misunderstood. Maybe this show isn’t the best way to start telling your story. Being a side chic isn’t easy. She should focus on getting your career first then have that baby our tell your story. I don’t think she looks like a msn, but I will SAY SHE’s DOING TOOO MUCH WITH THE JEWELRY,HAIR, THE BUTT SHOTS, HAVING THE TITS HANGING OUT MAKES HER LOOK CHEAP AND like TYPE TRYING WAYYYYYY TO HARD.. I SEE YOU SAY YOU WANT TO CHANGE YOURSELF, WHO DOESN’T? I hope she really takes this learning experience and grows from it.

  • Diandra

    Its Very sad to see a grown women belittle herself. Have some self respect, you are basically showing our younger generations that its okay to be acting and letting a man treat you this way. Stand up for yourself, get on your grown woman hustle. You dont need a man to validate who you are. We are strong black women we can make it on our own. Have some respect for yourself

    • Dubb-B(female type)

      She’s actually Hispanic.

  • Karen

    This girl is just out of it !!! She is way to grown to be acting the way she is and Stevie j is just a PIG no respect for women and along with joseline no respect for herself for even sleeping with him n on top of that no protection like serious come one Stevie she’s a stripper not a nurse her insides are all f$&@!#* up !!! Joseline you need to grow up and learn to act your age not your shoe size !!!!

  • Angelic Face

    She is not bad looking but she does look like a pretty man in drag. And she cannot talk worth a dang gone nothing. At the end of the day it doesn’t look like she is being that short changed at all he is bringing her up, getting her to where she wants to be in her music career.She is getting increased financially so if she wants to play sideline you know what with a ninja turlte at least get something out the deal. Her fault her choice. He seems to care more about what she thinks and feels more than his woman. That whole situation is terrible….

  • Tiffany

    Wow, you guys are easily fooled. “I’m still gonna be his first forever..” His first post-op transgendered?

    “I really started noticing I’m 100% woman…” because you never noticed it in 30+ years of your life? The estrogen pills must just now be working.

    Don’t get me wrong, Joseline is pretty. But Joseline, according to nature, is a man. I’ve seen rough women before, but I’ve also seen & know many transgendered, dual-gendered, etc when I would frequently hang out on Bourbon St in New Orleans.

    • Anonymous

      That is sooooo funny

  • Kimmy


  • Joy

    The best way to deal with people like her and Stevie J is you don’t buy their CD’s you stop asking questions about them. Treat them like dirt you don’t want in your house. Stevie J is worthless and Godless person and Joseline isn’t even human she’s a thing a tacky thing that nobody should be forced to listen to or look at.

  • why is everyone hating on this girl??? whose business is it if she is a man or a woman ??? rupaul was a man and so what ! she is getting paid just like the rest of the reality tv stars, she is responsible for her life and the things she does, stevie is responsible for his life and mimi is responsible for hers, they are ADULTS over the age of 21 so they can do what they want ! i have a problem with bullying, it is so hypocritical of people to dog this human being out but if she was to kill herself everyone would be hanging their heads low… stop crucifying people, its not right,if you dont like the way these people are living then dont watch the show but for peace sake stop the bullying and name calling, everyone has feelings, put yourselves in their shoes, dont judge a book until you have read the story. the media crucified Micheal Jackson over speculation and now that he is gone everyone claims to have loved him… treat people how you want to be treated regardless !

    • I agree with @Hellofanurse. The online bullying is out of hand and if she were to take her life Idon’t even think people would stop talking. Really sucks.

  • CocktailJay

    It’s our business because they decided to put it on TV for us to weigh in on. When you decide to go on television looking like a man and acting like a hoe then you, as an adult living in 2012, know what the consequences are. If we were talking about Victor & Nicki on the Young & The Restless no one would care. Why? Because they are characters on a show. Well guess what Jocelyn & Stevie are? Same thing. If they didn’t want to be treated like characters on a show they shouldn’t have signed up to be just that. The price of fame is not always worth it.

  • Conniedaconartist

    Cocktailjay if u wasn’t uh hater u would b happy 4 Dem n u said she looks like uh man n acting like uh Ho how is dat dumb ass when she’s all on Stevie heels nobody else’s so how is dat being uh Ho n I think u need 2 look in da mirror b4 u start saying ppl look like men look at yo dam self cause u look like one 2!!!

  • billy

    Jose is a man…. look at the body… its a man body with butt injects and breast implants… I read somewhere that Jose is a little hearing impaired and thats why he talks so weird “makes sense if its true”… No one is hatin’, just callin it like it is… keepin it real..

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Ugh. Stank ass concieted bitch. You are far from perfect.. Only God is perfect. Get over yourself, you are a homewrecker, and you have years of karma headed your way. You disgrace real, good puerto rican women.

  • Anonymous

    is u pregnaqn forreal

  • Anonymous

    Gurl yhu should jst move on nd leave him alone

    • Anonymous

      come with me baby

  • Haters

    Homewrecker she is not Stevie and Mimi are not married also Mimi needs to understand love don’t equal money so ppl keep HATEN on joseline as she makes her money…

  • Open your eyes

    C’mon people…pretty really? She looks like a tranny. Her face is chiseled, her stomach is not feminine at all and her booty looks just like N. Minaj. She is and never will be a Superstar. She needs to get a grip. Check her out on Youtube. She’s a joke.
    I know all the rappers gotta be laughing at Stebie J (lol). He went backwards. At least he could have cheated with a woMAN prettier then Mimi.

  • Anonymous

    with that booty i be awake 5 days

  • Guter Artikel, aber es gibt ein paar Dinge, die noch zu klären