Kanye’s Ex, Actress Julia Fox, Says Dating The Rapper Left ‘A Sour Taste’ In Her Mouth

Julia Fox, Kanye West

Kanye’s Ex, Actress Julia Fox, Says Dating The Rapper Left ‘A Sour Taste’ In Her Mouth

Model Julia Fox doesn’t have fond memories when recalling her brief love affair with Kanye West.

The actress recently stated the relationship left her with “such a sour taste” because it cost her own identity.

Julia Fox

Julia Fox, 34, spoke about her 2021 relationship with rap star Kanye West, 45, during a recently published magazine interview. Explaining her ill feelings when looking back on the brief romance and why she doesn’t want another one like it, she said:

“Because I don’t ever want to just be known as someone’s girlfriend. I know I’m so much more than that,”

Kanye West, Julia Fox

She continued:

“I feel like that happens so much to women in this industry. They’re only as good as their partner or they can make a whole career off being some guy’s partner.”

If you recall, Julia Fox and Kanye West dated for a little over a month, shortly after the Vultures artist officially split from Kim Kardashian. At the time, the Uncut Gems actress claimed that dating the musician was “the best thing” that had happened to her in a while. More recently, however, she stated that she actually only dated West to give the SKIMS founder some breathing room from her ex-husband.

Now, Fox said that she refrains from dating in the industry because she wants to excel above achieving things just because of who she’s romantically linked to. Explaining her desire to be acknowledged for her own merit, she added:

“I want to break that mold, and I want to just stand on my own two feet and not need a man to back me…I did that for years. I’m good. I have established myself, and I want to keep establishing myself. And maybe one day I’ll even be taken seriously.”

To date, Fox has not gone public with any more of her relationships, and it’s unclear whether or not she’s dating anyone at this time. West has since moved on to dating and quickly marrying his now-wife Bianca Censori. If you recall the couple tied the knot in late 2022, months after the rapper and Fox called it quits.


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Authored by: Kay Johnson