[Relationship Rant] ‘A Man Will Either Marry His Wh*re, Or Cheat On His Wife With Her.’

Written by thejasminebrand in Blog
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I’m no relationship expert. Matter of fact, we usually stray away from that topic and leave that to the experts. But when I ran across the following quote, from a former controversial video vixen, I couldn’t help myself. Over the weekend, while y’all were partying and cup cakin’, I found myself being nosey on twitter. I ran across an interesting quote by author and former vixen, Karrine Steffans. Karrine, who has been married twice, is quite vocal on the social media site. And if you catch her while she’s grabbed a few cocktails (or white wine), she’ll drop some interesting Twitter jewels, or at least we seem to think so. Friday night, she tweeted:

‘A man will either marry his wh*re, or cheat on his wife with her…’

From what we gather, one can assume that she’s inferring that in order to keep a man (or a marriage), one must keep him sexually satisfied. Again, I’m not a relationship expert and I d*mn sure ain’t married–but I needed to hear what folks thought about what she said. So, what did I do? I picked up my phone, bothering my single and married girlfriends, asking for their two cents on ‘being a whore for your man’. My married girlfriend agreed wholeheartedly with Karrine’s sentiments, while my single girlfriend chastised me from thinking a valuable quote could come from Mrs. Steffans. I asked a male friend, who chuckled and answered “Absolutely! But we still may cheat.” I started to ask my momma, but thought otherwise (I limit my awkward conversations w/ my mother to Tuesday’s). So, I pose this question to you, ladies and gents. Is Karrine right? In order to keep your husband faithful, do women need to make it their absolute goal to keep their man satisfied in the bedroom?

  • Elizabeth

    Hell yeah she’s right. What man wouldn’t want his woman to be open-minded in bed? Men want a whore in the bedroom, a chef in the kitchen, and a maid around the house. That’s just what it is. And I don’t know your single friend, but I have a feeling that’s why she’s single. I love me some Karrine, and feel like a lot of women could learn a thing, or 2, or 7 from her. Seriously. She’s been through A LOT, she has valuable advice. Your single friend needs to get over Karrine’s past. Who would want advice from someone who hasn’t made any mistakes? Karrine is a cool ass chick with a lot of wisdom when it comes to men.

  • K.

    I agree with the quote. Not to say men won’t cheat anyway, but if you’re his “whore” it won’t be because he’s lacking anything sexually & you can find comfort in knowing you’re doing your part in that area. Now we can think that men want a woman who’s smart, and who’s successful- and while they might want all that too (they want it all & sh*t) the bare minimum is to be pleased sexually. I doubt he’ll care how smart & successful you are if you’re unsuccessful in bed.

  • Kryptonite

    Speaking as a woman who met my husband at 16 and have been married to him for almost 13 yrs, I will say a man is going to do what he wants until he’s ready to settle down. He has to realize what he has and appreciate it. For some men, it’s easy. for some it takes trial and error. Some of the things Karrine says is crazy, but most of the time she speaks the truth. Elizabeth is also correct…a man wants a chef, a maid, a whore in the bedroom and a lady in the streets. However, u can be all those things and he may still cheat. There is nothing you can do to ensure he won’t cheat. There is nothing he can do to ensure you won’t cheat. The end result is you have to agree that this is the God has ordained to be your mate and go through the ups and downs with him/her and know that you’ll come out on the other side stronger and more in love when all else fails! When you’re equally yoked, nothing can tear you apart. Life will flip u upside down and right side up…but in the end there’s noone you’d rather be with…that’s when u know he’s/she’s the one.

  • Nicky

    Hell yea she right… I live and breath by “what I wont don’t the next one will” so yes I agree…like the old saying goes… A man wants a whore in the bedroom and a Woman in the street!

  • Dubb-B(female type)

    I think it depends on the man honestly. I’m pretty young, but I know I have a good man. He literally gets “it” thrown at him all the time and he’s good where he is.

  • Anonymous

    It depends on the individual man and his value system…. Some men will always cheat…others never will.