[Photos] ‘R&B Divas LA’ Cast Kicks Off New Show With Hollywood Premiere Party

Written by thejasminebrand in Spotted. Stalked. Scene.
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R&B Divas LA-kelly price-dawn-chante moore-the jasmine brand


As you know, similar to sequels, spin-offs can do REALLY good or REALLY bad. And fans of TV One’s R&B Divas franchise are anxiously awaiting to see how the LA version fairs, against it’s ATL counterpart.

R&B divas group-la premiere-the jasmine brand

michelle-r&b divas la premiere-the jasmine brand

The network held a swanky, private premiere party for the new show (JB was their taking in a bit of celebrity stalking) at West Hollywood’s London hotel, with the entire cast-Kelly Price, Lil Mo, Dawn Robinson, Chante Moore, Michele and Claudette Ortiz-in the building. The show’s executive producer, Phil Thornton, was present, along with Faith Evans and Nicci Gilbert who are cast members of the ATL version. We also spotted Claudia Jordan, Jamaal Buster, Torrei Hart, Laurieann Gibson, Breesha Webb (who hosted the event) and Tearra Mari.

faith evans-r&b divas la premiere-the jasmine brand

claudia ortiz-r&b divas la premiere-the jasmine brand

lil mo-r&b divas la premiere-the jasmine brand

dawn-envouge-lucy pearl-r&b divas la premiere-the jasmine brand

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Check out Jasmine BRAND’s instagram for some raw footage of the event.

  • Jessica

    Whoever is doing Lil Mo’s hair these days is killin it! Her hair is beat!

  • Ariana Leigh

    They look a hot mess! But Mo’ hair is looking much better these days any word on who’s styling her?

  • Uoeeeno

    I think they look good, I agree tho Mo’s hair is lookin good! The kids are loving it huny!

  • Razzi

    LOVE Chante’ Moore, Claudette, and Lil Mo! They look amazing!

  • They all look really good, I don’t think Faith needs to lose any more weight though and I am not sure how I feel about her hair exactly but otherwise everyone looks cute. Mo’s hair is pretty and she is usually hit or miss with me but her hair is cute! I can’t wait to watch the show tonight, she is going to make this season!

  • Kristin B

    Do ya’ll see Lil Mo’s dress though? Heard she was styled by the talented Mr. Julian Lark! Yes, I am loving it!!!!

  • DIVA

    They all look good! Yes Lil Mo hair is killing it. She has a great stylist. One person I did not want to see in the pics was Nicci…uggghhhhh…WHY SHE HAVE TO BE THERE. Yea I know her and Faith are producing it but Nicci turned me off on her on show.

  • Carmen

    Yes they all look good!!! Lil Mo is on point her hair stylist went to my high school real cool chic her name is Phatara her IG/Twitter Hairbyphatara she is pretty good.