Joe Budden Claims He’s Earned Over $4 Million From Podcasting: ‘Y’all Can Do It Too, This Is Not Unimaginable’

Joe Budden Claims He’s Earned Over $4 Million From Podcasting: ‘Y’all Can Do It Too, This Is Not Unimaginable’

Rapper turned podcaster Joe Budden recently claimed that he’s earned a significant income from podcasting.

The media personality stated that in totality, his revenue from The Joe Budden Podcast falls around $3 – $4.5 million after taxes in the decade since its inception.

Joe Budden

Joe Budden, 43, made the remark during a recent episode of his eponymous podcast series. After one of the guests inquired what kind of payout a career in podcasting offers, the Love & Hip Hop alum stated:

“Altogether in the whole 10 years? About $4 mil.”

As the hosts of the show, along with the guests and Joe Budden himself snickered at the comment, suggesting the number is inflated, he continued:

Early on we were doing it for free. Then we hit a little lick, Spotify. Then n**gas left, the building crumbled a little bit. My friends came to save the day. Probably about three and a half to four a half mil.”

Doubling down on his remarks moved the room to laughter even more, as many began to blatantly call out Budden’s apparent bluff. Taking a look at a breakdown of the numbers, it’s no wonder why one may feel skeptical about whether or not the entertainer was being truthful. Budden’s claim would mean that he’s earned an average of about $400,000 a year from podcasting alone, which appears to seem a little far fetched.

His associates were even more tickled after Budden went on to claim that before taxes, he’s earning about $7 million from podcasting. Despite him laughing along with everyone else, he encouraged any podcasting hopefuls to keep going, insisting that they too can achieve the success he says he has, stating:

“Years of hard work, y’all can do it to. It’s not unachievable. This is not unimaginable. If you work hard and keep your head down to the finish line and just focus on your content.” 


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Authored by: Kay Johnson