[INTERVIEW] Exclusive: Nicole Murphy On Why Fiancé Michael Strahan Stays Off ‘Hollywood Exes’ + Does She Feel Pressured to Get Married?

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With season 3 finished, Nicole Murphy is not feeling the pressure from outsiders about her romantic life. The Hollywood Exes cast member, who was once married to Eddie Murphy, is happily engaged to Michael Strahan but doesn’t feel the need to put it front and center on reality TV. theJasmineBRAND.com correspondent @Smith recently chatted with the reality TV beauty about her love life, Michael’s absence on the show what her made her cringe while watching this season. Check out our conversation.


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theJasmineBRAND: We love seeing you on Hollywood Exes, what was one of the hardest things for you to watch when you  look back on the episodes this season?

Nicole Murphy: I think me and Mayte arguing. We got it in.  I was like, ‘Ugh I can’t believe that I’m arguing with my girl right now.’

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theJasmineBRAND: Now we see that some of the other women bring their fiancés on to the show, we rarely see Michael Strahan. Is it because you prefer not to or he prefers not to?

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