Phaedra Parks Blames Producer For Rape & Drug Rumor

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Phaedra Parks Blames Producer For Rape & Drug Rumor

Phaedra Parks Blames Producer For Rape & Drug Rumor

The drama surrounding Phaedra Parks and the controversial rumor she spread about her reality TV cast mate Kandi Burruss continues. As you know, the southern belle is under fire, after it was revealed that she repeated a rumor suggesting that Kandi and her husband, Todd Tucker, had plans to drug and rape cast member Porsha Williams. According to sources, Phaedra is blaming the rumor on production. A source says,

Phaedra tried to blame producers for manipulating the scenario, and it was cut from the reunion show. They’re not allowed to break the ‘fourth wall’ and talk about production. It may not have been entirely Phaedra’s fault, but she has to take the fall.

Another source says that there was,

a producer who told her the drug and rape story, which she repeated to another cast member. It snowballed. The editing was not kind to her.

Meanwhile, Phaedra was allegedly fired from the show because of a “morality clause” in her contract. A source says,

There are lines listed in all cast members’ contracts that they cannot cross. Libel is one of them. She’s in breach of contract and the cast basically said, ‘Us or her.’?

Phaedra has yet to comment publicly.

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  • Karma Kelli

    This lie was horrible…and could have been detrimental to candy….but The truth of the matter is everyone that Does the editing…producers i the show new all of this before any of this aired…..they could have just edited out..tbey should have sat all parties down and referenced that since its so serious. No one did that so they need to be fired to..editing crew..producers and the alike…what we watch I not in real to anyway. Phadra was collateral damage
    .and without that drama..who woild have the to watch it anyway…rhoa…was getting dry…phaedra definitely ga e y’all something to talk about.
    Give her her check and a bonus…she revived the show…and how dare they just lwt the world crucify her..lies or not…producers knew about this…they saw an opportunity and took it..

    • Marie Yvette Carter

      yes to all you’ve said

      • Renee

        I agree. I don’t think anyone on the show has anything to bring to the table. It’s just messy, and All they do is go at each other, trying to out do each other, vs. Having something real and of substance. Typical blacks, they only concentrate on tearing each other down.

        I don’t have anything against any of them, but who else should go because they bring nothing to the show and are boring: Cynthia, Kandi, KENYA, and their relatives.

        • Marie Yvette Carter

          hahaha … that’s the whole cast!!!!

    • Onyx_Rose

      Girl Phaedra ain’t no damn collateral shit. She got damaged because she is a liar, she started the lie & couldn’t be a real woman about hers. In other words Phaedra is a punk ass bitch and receives everything she deserves from trying to destroy that family with LIES. She is pitiful. And if you think she ‘MAdE’ the show by those LiES you need to go find her & be with her y’all can be messy together I’m sure she’s recruiting new friends now WACK left her ass.

      • Ingrid Mason

        Umm yeah she was collateral damage. The producers handed the ball to Phaedra & Phaedra handed it to Porsha. It was supposed to be the “wow factor” at the restaurant meeting between Porsha & Kandi. Kandi was blindsided, thinking she was coming to do her dirt on Porsha, like she did Phaedra. Kandi tried to stop production from airing it & they offered to allow her to get out in front of it by telling it herself, instead of the world hearing it come out of Porsha’s mouth; that’s why they did a “flashback” instead of showing Porsha originally saying it at the restaurant. Then they promised Kandi they would “vindicate” her at the reunion! I mean come on, Kandi NEVER ONCE asked Porsha where she “heard” that from! That goes against the very nature of a woman! And who the hell takes all of that backlash for something they were told and NEVER says who told them…until the VERY END?! And Porsha had NO damn reason to tell then…all she had to say is “I was served a cease & desist and because of that, I can not publicly speak about that situation.” Story over, but Kandi wouldn’t have been “vindicated” if she would have just said that. Porsha had to hand the ball back to Phaedra. They wanted Phaedra to say Kandi hurt her, not being friends with Kandi anymore hurt her, & that’s why she did it…another “wow factor”, but Phaedra, being the attorney she is, knows your words can be used against you & there are certain things an attorney can not engage in because of a real life morality clause concerning her livelihood! This shit is scripted and boring as shit! If it wasn’t for that drugging and threesome shit, they would have lost their audience about 6 weeks in! There’s NO reality to this show & you are waaaay to invested once you reach the point of calling someone you don’t know personally, outside their name! Just pathetic!

    • Ingrid Mason

      You are spot on! If Theresa from Real Housewives of New York wasn’t fired for breaching their morals clause, Phaedra damn sure didn’t breach it! Breaching a morals clause is doing something that LANDS you in front of a judge and/or in jail! I think Bravo achieved their goal…they have everyone debating this and awaiting Season 10 to see who returns! Remember, the FIRST episode ratings is the most vital one!

      • Renee

        Same thought I had.Theresa and her husband both went to jail for federal crimes and Bravo welcomed her back with open arms.

  • Learjet

    If fake “Christian” Phaedra wants to know who to blame, she needs to look in the mirror. She is dispicable. PERIOD.

    • Ingrid Mason

      So I guess you’re a “real” Christian, huh?! Lol

      • Joseph M Garrett

        A lot, not all, religious people stand up for their own, even when they are wrong, which is what’s killing communities. No one tells these people what to say. So, when you say something on camera, it is your free will. You must deal with the consequences.

        • Ingrid Mason

          See that’s where you’re wrong. This show is totally scripted and Phaedra didn’t say anything on camera; Porsha said it, Phaedra only said she shouldn’t have repeated it. And religious people standing up for their own, even when they are wrong, is NOT what’s killing communities. Nice try though. Plus, I didn’t say ANYTHING about religion, I said “real Christian” & being a REAL CHRISTIAN has NOTHING to do with being religious! #WakeUp

          • Symphoni Zenski

            Ingrid, let’s face it!!! Phaedra is a lying, conniving, evil person who is totally jealous of Kandi. There is no recovery!! Everybody knows (in my Phaedra voice) that she’s a liar. I guess production told her to lie about her pregnancy date too. GIRL BYE! ?

          • Ingrid Mason

            Do you know Phaedra personally? You do know that this show is scripted and edited to give the best shock value, right? And jealous of a non-educated lesbian, that couldn’t even get a husband without a hookup…from Phaedra! Lmao, I don’t know ANY jealous females that are out here hooking women up with husbands that are supposedly better than theirs! You need to turn your tv off and tune into reality! Phaedra don’t owe ANYONE an explanation on her due date, her life choices, or anything. Just because she’s on tv doesn’t mean she owes it to you to let you in on EVERY aspect of her life! Most celebrities like to keep the birth of their child private for the first couple of months. Look at Pharrell, his twins are how many months, and they still haven’t released a picture or their names! Get a life!

  • yvette

    These one GROWN ASS WOMEN acting like freaking little girls in file school! Grow the fu#k up!!! Horrible examples they are ALL being for their children!!!

  • yvette

    These one GROWN ASS WOMEN acting like freaking little girls in middle school! Grow the fu#k up!!! Horrible examples they are ALL being for their children!!!

  • Renee

    I agree, this wasn’t a live taping so this could have been edited before it aired. Bravo used them with this story, when it didn’t play out, because Kandi mentioned “legal action” now Bravo has to blame someone. This story never should have aired. So, of course Bravo gets to point the finger, but they’re just as liable for this one.

  • Snagg Dadon

    lmao so what bye ghetto ass old ratchet bag !!! she was a stomach turning no edge having fat faced heffer from day one i said shes loony af!!!!