Comedian Rickey Smiley Throws Shade & Bricks @ Kat Stacks

As we speak, comedian Rickey Smiley, is on twitter calling Kat Stacks everything but a child of God.

Rickey Smiley

Tweets after the skip.

Peep some of his tweets directed towards her:

“kat stacks your pU*** smell like ole bake potatoe foil”

“next episode of horders!! we gonna be inside kat stacks cooch!! old clothes, car parts, dead animals, tools,helicopter parts,all inside” (who says cooch?)

Kat Stacks

“hey kat stacks!!! take the D out yo mouff so u can brush your teeth!!”

“kat stacks breaff smell like walrus pubic hairs, shark ass, shaq taint, precious neck, rick ross ass meat” (i hate the word pubic) <–this was kinda funny though

Kat Stacks had some entertaining responses, but she snatched ’em off her twitter page before I could grab the screen shot ;-)

And although we understand everyone acting like she’s public enemy number 1, we’re kind of over it. Maybe Smiley is running out of comedic material.

Follow more of his lame jokes @rickeysmiley or Kat Stacks @ihatekatstacks