Regina King On the Boondocks, “You’ll see the show and the movie…”

Actress Regina King, has played the voice of Huey and Riley, the two stars of the controversial Adult Swim show, The Boondocks, since 2005. The show, based on a comic strip of the same title created by Aaron McGruder, is a satire of the African American culture and practices. The show has released 3 seasons so far, and there have been rumors that a fourth season is in the works. Last year John Witherspoon, who serves as the voice of granddad, said that there was in fact going to be a season four with 20 episodes. However, there was never any official confirmation made. In a sit-down with radio show Sway In The Morning yesterday, King discusses the future of the show. She confirms,
“I talked to Aaron and it looks like they’re working things out… It looks strong, like we’re coming back.”
And on whether or not a Boondocks movie is in the works:
“You know what, actually Aaron is thinking about a movie. I’m pretty sure he’s done a rough kind of draft of where he would want the movie to go and I think he’s been talking to some financers and you just might see that. I don’t know that you’ll see it before the show coming back but I’d like to venture out there and say that you’ll see the show and the movie.”
Peep the full interview here: