Tom Joyner Says Tracey Edmonds Was Disrespectful By Bringing Deion Around Babyface

While rapping on Wendy Williams’ couch Monday morning, radio maven Tom Joyner shared a quite interesting story about Deion Sanders and his new girlfriend, Tracey Edmonds. When asked how he felt about Pilar Sanders and her estranged husband, Deion, he said that he actually felt that Tracey Edmonds was a bit disrespectful. Tom said that he was doing a show recently and was backstage with Babyface, Tracey’s ex-husband. According to Tom, Tracey decided to come backstage and say hello, with her new boyfriend, Deion. And from Tom Joyner’s perspective, he felt that it was disrespectful to purposely bring Deion around Babyface. UPDATED: After reading the story, Tracey responded:

Lol if @TJMShow said that. Kenny & I are the best of friends & HE invited BOTH of us because they’re cool & know each other!

Do you agree?