Nia Crooks Gets Reflective : Admits She Battled Depression & A Negative Attitude

For the past few months, every time the name Nia Crooks was mentioned in the media, instantly we’d think of the popular altercation that happened on the latest season of VH1’s Basketball Wives. To give you a backstory, Nia who is now Evelyn Lozada’s former assistant, was also friends with another Basketball Wives cast mate, Jennifer Williams.

On the last season, Nia made a few appearances on the show, one of which involved her slapping Jennifer in the face. After the season ended, there were a number of reports that Jennifer had a lawsuit in place, suing Nia for slapping her.

Most recently, we’ve learned that Jennifer dropped the lawsuit against Nia, in the hopes of putting that era in her life, behind her. Fast forward to the present day and Nia also wants to put the drama behind her. According to her latest blog message, Nia has had an epiphany of sorts and is sharing a more positive image. Tuesday morning, she wrote:

To all my fans, (lovers and haters), you all were introduced to my representative. Undoubtedly, she was in a negative representation state, but I view self as this, I never knew how I was, until I was, now I am – if that makes sense. We must see self, to see self. And believe me, I SAW. The attitude adjustment bureau was definitely called. I’m thankful for the opportunity for two reasons. First, for allowing me to be introduced to the world and secondly, for allowing me to see me. A lot of blessings and depression has come out of this, BUT, I’m still here, (Tupac voice). Which means love over powers all, any day. My Lord kept me… The example of me that I allowed the world to see will never be how I would like to make a mark on anyone’s world, let alone my own. Every person on earth is better than that, including me. Months have passed, tears have shed, pain has been felt, challenges have been faced, embarrassment has halo’ed and guilt has lingered. But today on my Thoughtful Tuesday, I give thanks for every single hardship that has turned into greatness. I’m sure there will be plenty of days where My God will place me back into the fire, but when he puts out the flames and heals all my burns, I will once again feel “Anew”. As we close out the July chapter of our lives and walk into a dewy August tomorrow, dig into you thoughts and just give thanks.

Read Nia’s full ‘open letter’ of sorts, here. What do you think of Nia’s open letter?