Estelle Dishes On New Project, Hating TSA + Her Favorite Curse Word

Recently, we caught up with Estelle after her performance at The Park at Fourteenth. The vocal songstress chatted with us about touring, lessons in love, and her fairy tale wedding.

On how promotion for this project, differs from her previous work:

I’ve just been out a lot more. They have me going overseas alot this go around, a lot of American and a lot of domestic touring. I think I was out in Europe for a month and a half. I just got back so I’m like I’mfinally home.  It’s been fun though I’vebeen getting to meet the people a lot more, so it’s good.

On her least favorite part of touring…

When they have me flying TSA I’m like oh my goodness you don’tneed to look at my bags! It’s just jewelry. So flying is the part I hate.

On biggest lesson learned about love…

It’s never cut and dry. It’s never black and white, it’s abig mix of grey and I hate it. I’m a very black and white girl. I don’t likegrey but I love love so I guess

On having the traditional family:

I definitely want kids, and I definitely want to be married, it just depends on who

On her fairy tale wedding looks like:

It would be in a big house in Tuscany and I’d be wearing purple. No I’m joking but I think it would be a location wedding, I have too many family members. My dress would be a gown and have some type of purple in it and that would be it.

On heels vs flats:

Heels! The higher the better

On how she describes her style in three words:

Comfortable, easy, but sexy. I used to do the big shoulderpads and stuff like four years ago, but I got a bit bored of it so I was likeok what do I want to do next. The person I’m feeling I am is just easy andcomfortable, yet sexy.  I like my boobs where they are I like my butt where it is. I’minto my stomach, I’m like whatever is comfortable and sexy.

Would you ever consider a boob job?

No I have enough.

On Gabby Douglass’ recent success:

She makes me happy. She makes me want to go that much furtherin yoga. I be in yoga like ‘I’m gonna stay, I’m gonna stay, I’m gonna stay’ Iwant my curves to look like Gabby.

On Gabby’s hair critics…

I’m like she won an Olympic gold medal, who cares. Let thegirl live, who cares?! She’s sixteen, she’s been focusing on this her wholelife. She just became an icon at sixteen. Let’s get our priorities straight.

Favorite song to sing in the shower

Diana Ross ‘All of Me’

Favorite curse word:

F*ck, best word on the planet! It makes sense, F*CK!

Favorite vice:


What turns you on?

A man that’s smart. Like a guy that can talk me out my panties…Oooohit’s a wrap

What turns you off?

A guy that doesn’t know how to communicate. Hate it hate it hate it! If I have to dig and dig to get communication from you, eh I’m good

Estelle will serve as special guest performer alongside Anthony Hamilton in his Back to Love Tour which kicks off September 8th in Columbia, South Carolina. For all things Estelle follow her on twitter @Estelledarlings.