[VIDEO] Apollo Nida: ‘I’m A Bigot’ …. ‘My Biggest Fear Is Leaving My Sons’

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For the most part, Apollo Nida has remained relatively low-key in terms of interviews, since pleading guilty. Earlier this month, the Real Housewives of Atlanta husband, who is married to Phaedra Parks, pled guilty to mail fraud, wire fraud and bank fraud. During an interview with V-103, he talked about his legal drama, saying:

Basically, you know. I plead guilty to charges and we’ll just let the court determine whats going to happen. You know–I’ve gotten a lot of support by a lot of people and my family’s sticking by me. And that’s it. You know. Things happen in life. You know, you know me. And it doesn’t take away from who I am as a person.

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While he takes responsibility for his actions, he notes that he is far from perfect, stating:

First and foremost. I mean, people make mistakes.

One of the bigger questions surrounding the case is what motivated him to participate in legal activity, especially since he is a celebrity:

Well you know, to be honest with you, alot of people, from the outside looking in–they can say many things. No one knows an individual’s life, unless they’re living in their shoes….The grass is greener for me on the other side. I make my own way and at the end of the day, I feel like reality TV and things of that