[INTERVIEW] Brownstone’s Teisha Brown Announces: We’re back in the studio!

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Great news for fans of popular 90’s girls group, Brownstone. Rumor has it, they’re back in the kitchen, cooking up new music for old and new fans alike. In a recent interview with theJasmineBRAND.com correspondent @Smith, one of the group’s members, Teisha Brown, revealed that new music is on the way.

You know this is the 20th year. We’re coming up on the 20th year of Brownstone. We’re extremely excited. We’re back in the studio. We are going to give you a plethora of Brownstone. Individually you will get to hear what each of us bring to the table.

In 2008, Teisha became the third member of the trio Brownstone, whose members also include Nicci Gilbert and Maxee Maxwell (founding members Mimi Doby nor Kina Cosper are no longer in the group). 

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When asked what she misses most about the group, she explained: 

You know what, it’s really hard. Nicci just moved here. So Nicci is in LA and she left me. I’m in Michigan. Because we’re working on the project, I’m on my way. I have a son who was born to be a star. I’m going to try to kill two birds with one stone. Going to come out here and work on the album and try to slide him to Disney.

For more on Teisha, follow her on Instagram @TeishaJB.  


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