‘We Went Through Some Really Hard Times’ – Flex Alexander On Doing Reality TV

I didn’t want to do it. She was asking me for probably about seven years.

Flex and Shanice-The Real-the jasmine brand

Yeah, yeah because at the time, as like an actor, you think that, you know (points to Tamera,) they’ll put you in the box of “Well you’re not serious and you don’t want to work.” So I didn’t want to do that but we went through some really hard times, uh…. And we just said, “You know what? We want to tell our story.” And we want to be… as long as we can be on the creative side, you know, we created it and uh… We just really, you know, told the story of the ups and downs in this business.

Flex and Shanice premiers Saturday, November 1 at 10 pm ET/PT

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