Anthony Mackie Secretly Marries Childhood Sweetheart, Sheletta Chapital + Raven Symone Talks Flubbing On ‘The View’

Raven Symone

Raven Symone

And in other news, The View’s freshest face, Raven Symone is not the least bit fazed that some of her comments on the show rub some the wrong way. In a recent interview with Juicy’s The Hip Hop Socialite, she says:

I think the things that I’ve said, whether they came out wrong or right, whether my mind flubbed up words and said the wrong words at the wrong time, or whether I said them intentional, everybody has an opinion of their own, and I’m entitled to mine and other people are entitled to theirs. It depends on how you respond to it – if you respond with respect and a discussion, or you respond because you’re so angry. But I never said anything, hopefully, that I pointed fingers at a certain person; if anything, I pointed them at myself and how I felt. So that is kind of my answer to that.

Raven Symone Goes to Hooray Henrys

Raven also discusses her fashion-forward/eclectic taste:

Very weird, I know, and I love it. I’ve worked with so many different kinds of stylists – I have a new stylist now. I like to shop myself; I like stuff that looks pleasing to me, and it might not be pleasing to other people. It might not be what you think I need to wear, but it’s what I like. I think that’s what the good thing about choosing your clothes are – it’s what you want to wear. And it’s sad we live in an industry where you have to conform sometimes, and I did that a long time, so hopefully, now I can just enjoy what I like whether others like it or not. My mom says, ‘Opinions are like assholes – everybody has one.’

Click here to read Raven’s entire interview.

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