Meek Mill Is Ready To Get Married: “I Need A Real Woman!”

Meek Mill is Ready to Settle Down: “I need a real woman!”

#AskMeek has been a real trouble-maker! Since his latest album, “Championships” dropped, rapper Meek Mill has been using the hashtag on social media. Fans have asked him questions to which Meek’s answers have been nothing short of shocking. Controversy started with a bar from his song, “On Me.” He rapped:

“We got them birds in a drought / I caught a plaque and they hittin’ it raw / This life I’m living be trippin’ me out ’cause I just let a famous b*tch spit in my mouth”

His followers set Twitter on fire about his revealing rhymes. He defended the bar with a series of tweets:

#AskMeek strikes again! Twitter user @TheRealTalia_ asked the rapper:

“when we getting married? #AskMeek”

He replied:

“Idk if ima get married to you but I’m savage run almost over! These hoes be wilding sometimes I need a real woman”

Could Meek’s sudden interest in romance be due to his ex, Nicki Minaj, revealing a new relationship with a high school flame?

Good luck on your search for a real woman, Meek!

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay