(EXCLUSIVE) NHL’s Jack Johnson – Parents Beg Judge Not To Let Son Kick Them Out Home

Jack Johnson

Jack Johnson

theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports, NHL star Jack Johnson is facing off with his own parents in Federal Court — with his mom and dad demanding their son not be allowed to sell off the home they live in rent free and accusing him of changing the locks on the property several times in an attempt to kick them out.

Here’s the latest: On June 30th, Jack’s parents, Kristina and John, headed to bankruptcy court demanding their son not be allowed to sell off the Ann Arbor, Michigan home they are renting from him.

They explain the NHL star continues to ignore their lease rights as tenants of the property they are living in. The parents say that Jack is attempting to sell the home as part of his bankruptcy but they refuse to get out due to their lease rights.

Kristina and John accuse their son of changing the locks to the home several times in an attempt to keep them out. They say he clearly wants them out due to him recently coming to an agreement with TCF National Bank to abandon the property and quit claim deed the property.

The parents explain Jack doesn’t have any personal property at the home and he has entered the home while they were out of the state and took his property, leaving only their belongings that they say they acquired before he was even born. Further, much of their personal property has been destroyed by flooding and water damage due to their son neglect.

We have a right to occupy our home …” they add to their objection to the sale of the property. They argue they signed a lease and it is legally binding.

Per the lease agreement, the NHL star agreed to let his parents live in the home RENT FREE. He also said he would take care of any improvements needed to the home and he covered all utilities and other charges such as internet, cable, telephone, heating, water/sewer etc. The lease was signed in 2012 and lasts until April 2062.

Here’s the backstory:

Johnson filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2014, explaining he only had 3.1 mill in assets but a total of 12.5 mill in liabilities owed to creditors.

The NHL star had only just signed a 30.5 million dollar contract in 2011 — a mere 3 years before he filed his bankruptcy. He had earned nearly 18 million dollars already prior to the filing of his petition.

The case revealed the hockey star had given his mother power of attorney following signing his massive contract. He accused his parents of living the high life with his salary without ever telling him about their numerous lavish purchases, including a million dollar Manhattan Beach home, cars, jewelry etc.

According to the bankruptcy docs, Johnson also learned his parents took out several loans and borrowed against 15 million dollars of his future earnings via high interest loans. However, they defaulted on various loans which left their son with the massive amounts of debt.

His parents decisions left him literally close to broke – with only 9k in his bank accounts – meaning the majority of the 18 mill he already racked in during his career was gone and he also had massive debts owed to creditors which meant the financial disaster his parents caused most likely the majority of the money owed on his contract would have to be used to pay off the debts they racked up over the past couple years.

The NHL stars creditors have been furious over the course of the bankruptcy, due to their belief Johnson was still living the high life despite filing for bankruptcy — saying he spends 27k a month on a home in Ohio, 1k a month in gas for his car, 1k in dry cleaning since July, $1,500 for his brothers private school, and has withdrawn over 16k from his bank accounts.

Further, they said he has spent over 22k at stores and restaurants and spent close to 50k on wedding expenses. They pointed out he has dropped over 732k since filing his petition in expenses for himself. Johnson has repeatedly informed the judge he is being responsible and not screwing over his creditors.

Then earlier this year, Johnson headed to court and slapped his own mother with a federal lawsuit demanding she turn over a 2007 BMW he purchased.

He explained he owns the vehicle but his mother is also listed on the title – for convenience purposes only – despite her not paying a dime towards the purchase.

Johnson said that his mother is claiming ownership of the car despite him never gifting the car to her. He accused her of refusing to turn over the car to the bankruptcy trustee , who will sell off the asset and use the profits to pay back the numerous creditors

The NFL star’s legal team fired off a cease and desist to his mother demanding she stop driving the car and hand it over and said she would turn over a second BMW purchased by Johnson if he allows her to keep the first car.

However, he said that he bought both cars and she doesn’t own either of the BMW’s and he doesn’t want to give her either car despite her pleas. He demanded she hand over the BMW and an order stating she has zero interest in either of the 2 cars. The case is still pending.

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Authored by: TJB Writer