(EXCLUSIVE) Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Dawn Heflin Files For Bankruptcy

Dawn Heflin

Dawn Heflin

theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star Dawn Heflin has filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, saying she only had $20 in cash on hand and despite previously managing co-star Joseline Hernandez’s career, she still received food stamps to survive.

The reality star filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy explaining she has $235,719 in assets and $263,370 in liabilities.

Her assets included her Georgia home worth $172k, $20 in cash on hand, $320 in her checking account & $100 in savings, $1k in household goods, $1k in clothing and shoes and a 2013 Lexus LS worth $48k and 2012 Chevy Tahoe worth $12k.

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The court documents list her liabilities as $22k on the Tahoe, $32k owed on the Lexus, $17k in mortgage arrears and $166k owed on her home, $1,400 in back taxes, $9k+ in credit card debt, $3,305 on a charge account with Neiman Marcus, $7,653 to the Department of Education for student loans, over $4k to Macy’s & $1,207 to Banana Republic, $1k to Home Depot and various other debts.

She lists her occupation as ‘Cast Member” on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta and makes $3,250 a month along with $733 in social security for a grand total of $4,004 in income a month.

After she pays her monthly bills, she is left with a total of $1,163. The docs reveal Dawn received $708 in food stamps in 2015, $2,244 for 2014 & $5,604 in 2013 and she only made $12k from employment in 2015 and $15k the year prior.

The case is still pending in Federal Court with the judge attempting to pay off the majority of her debt owed to creditors.

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Dawn began managing Joseline about six months before the hit VH1 show and was said to be like a mother figure to her client by teaching her the ropes of the industry, helping her find an apartment and booking her paid shows and appearances.

Things eventually turned sour between the two back in 2014. Dawn accused her client of canceling an appearance after her flight was delayed but refusing to return the deposit she was paid, which ended with the manager cutting ties with Joseline.

Joseline Hernandez

Joseline Hernandez

Dawn then blasted Joseline in the media by accusing her and Stevie J of everything from drug addiction, abuse to infidelity.

The rocky relationship between the manager and Joseline played out during season 3 & 4. However, the two reconciled earlier this year with Joseline even inviting Dawn to her music release party in Atlanta. Dawn has admitted to serving 5-years in prison for drug charges back in 2002.

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Authored by: TJB Writer