Kim Fields Fuels ‘Facts of Life’ & ‘Living Single’ Reboot Rumors

Kim Fields, Queen Latifah

Kim Fields Fuels ‘Facts of Life’ & ‘Living Single’ Reboot Rumors

Kim Fields, known for her roles on the sitcoms Living Single and Facts of Life, and more recently her stint in reality TV on Real Housewives of Atlanta, took to social media to hint that she’s ready to revive her characters in two hit 90s sitcoms…just so long as the “Reboot Fairy” gives her a place to call her own this go round.

14 Years A Roommate… 1979-1988 1993-1998 #TooGine ?

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The 49-year-old actress, wife, and mother of two, had all of IG reliving some of the best moments of the 90s…sitcoms! On both sitcoms that Fields had recurring roles in, it was obvious that she was never alone when it came to where she laid her head each night…. both shows, Living Single and Facts of Life, featured Fields as a roommate.

At the age of 9, Fields’ landed her first breakout role as the character, Dorothy “Tootie” Ramsey, one of seven girls under the care of Edna Garret at the all-girls boarding school that Facts of Life was based around. Her character, “Tootie” was best known for her love for roller skates, her braces, and her love for gossip. One also cannot forget her coining of the famous catch phrase “We’re in trouble!” Tootie was the only African-American girl out of the seven main characters and was originally set to be fulfilled by an older, Caucasian girl; however, the casting director was so blown away by Fields’ that the role was immediately changed to better fit her description. Fields’ portrayed the character Tootie from age 12 to 21 in her first appearance on Different Strokes and in the later spinoff, Facts of Life.

In her role as Regine on Living Single, Fields’ was the much older, sophisticated young woman who was constantly looking for a man to spend her life with… and it wasn’t just life that she was trying to spend. In this role Fields’ portrays a boutique buyer who has great taste in fashion (men not so much).

Her character, known for some of her gold-digging ways, Regine was the childhood friend of main character Khadijah (Queen Latifah) who shared living spaces with Khadijah’s other best friend Maxine (Erika Alexander) and cousin Sinclair (Kim Coles). The sitcom was centered around the lives of 6 young adults who were looking to navigate both the professional and personal aspects of life while all living in the same Brooklyn brownstone.

Fields jokingly captioned her IG meme “14 Years a Roommate” capping the years she played roommates on the two shows. She even used the hashtag #TooGine to show that she’s ready to bring both characters back to life.

Her trip down memory lane came at the perfect time, as that Fields’ lighthearted post was soon followed by one of condolences to actress Charlotte Rae, who portrayed the house mother, Edna Garret, of Fields’ character on Facts of Life.

The 92-year-old actress died late Sunday evening after a battle with bone cancer. Fields’ worked by the side of Rae in all 9 seasons that the sitcom was on air.

It looks like the dreams of a reboot for both classic sitcoms will be in the works sooner than later. Latifah left social media in a frenzy when she mentioned that they were in the “talks” for a Living Single reboot back in 2017 and the rumors resurfaced when one of Fields’ castmates, Erika Alexander also known as Maxine Shaw, dropped a subtle “reboot” hint on her IG last week.

Anyone need a REBOOT?!? ; ) #maxineshaweffect #reboot #livingsingle #nowarranty

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Last week it was reported that The Facts of Life is in its early stages of production with Appian Way, the company led by Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Davisson. It was also confirmed that the two are in negotiation to produce the project with Jessica Biel. In the ages of classic sitcoms resurfacing, one can only hope that the “Reboot Fairy” doesn’t disappointment when resurrecting two more of the well-known 90s sitcoms. As you can imagine, Fields’ is ready to revisit the roles of both characters in Living Single and Facts of Life…if she gets a place to fully call her own, without the hassle of roommates.

Written by -Shannique Yates

Authored by: TJB Writer