Reginae Carter Admits She Wants To Spend More Time W Dad Lil Wayne

Reginae Carter Admits She Wants To Spend More Time W Dad Lil Wayne

The death of rapper Nipsey Hussle was a wake-up call of sorts for both fans and fellow celebrities alike. Lil Wayne‘s daughter, actress/reality star Reginae Carter‘s, takeaway was the importance of family. Reginae’s younger brother, Cameron Carter, is the child of Lil Wayne and actress Lauren London.

Cameron was co-parented by Nipsey Hussle.

Reginae revealed in a recent episode of “T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle” that watching her brother lose his surrogate stepfather, awakened an urgency in her to spend more time with her father. Reginae told her mother, Toya Wright:

“Nipsey woke a lot of people up. Lauren even woke a lot of people up. Like, I wanna spend more time with my dad.”

Toya reiterated that money and gifts will never replace spending quality time with her famous father:

“I used to always tell you that. You can get all the money in the world, but you’ll never remember that. You’ll remember the time that he put in- the memories and stuff like that. So you need to have a conversation with him about it.”

Lil Wayne hugs daughter, Reginae Carter, at her high school graduation

Reginae continued, admitting she yearns to do activities with Lil Wayne:

I do feel like he’s trying because he provides for us a lot. Like, I understand that. But what I be telling him is, ‘Daddy, ok. We got that part. But let’s go somewhere, like, let’s go bowling. Let’s go to the movies.’ Just things like that. We need memories.

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Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay