Condolences: Boxer Patrick Day Dies At 27 After Being Knocked Out In The Ring

Patrick Day

Professional Boxer Patrick Day Dies at 27 After Knock-Out Punch

Very sad news. Young boxer Patrick Day has lost his fight for life to his greatest love – the boxing ring. He was competing for the welterweight title in Chicago on Saturday, October 12th, when met with a devastating knock-out punch at the hands of his competitor, Charles Conwell. Charles is a 21-year-old 2016 Olympian.

According to reports, the behind-the-ear punch resulted in an immediate seizure from brain injury. Patrick was taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital by ambulance, where he fell into a coma. Yesterday, (10/16/18) Patrick succumbed to his injury. His management company, Dibella Entertainment, issued this official statement:

“Day passed away today, succumbing to the traumatic brain injury he suffered in his fight this past Saturday. He was surrounded by his family, close friends and members of his boxing team, including his mentor, friend and trainer Joe Higgins…He was a son, brother, and good friend to many. Pat’s kindness, positivity, and generosity of spirit made a lasting impression with everyone he met.”

His competitor, Charles Conwell, wrote the young fighter an emotional letter on Instagram – hinting that he considered quitting the sport due to the incident. He said:

“@charlesconwell This is my last time speaking on the situation because of this being a sensitive topic not only for his family and friends but for myself and the sport of boxing.

Dear Patrick Day,

I never meant for this to happen to you. All I ever wanted to do was win. If I could take it all back I would no one deserves for this to happen to them. I replay the fight over and over in my head thinking what if this never happened and why did it happen to you. I can’t stop thinking about it myself I prayed for you so many times and shedded so many tears because I couldn’t even imagine how my family and friends would feel. I see you everywhere I go and all I hear is wonderful things about you. I thought about quitting boxing but I know that’s not what you would want I know that you were a fighter at heart so I decided not to but to fight and win a world title because that’s what you wanted and thats what I want so I’ll use you as motivation every day and make sure I always leave it all in the ring every time. #ChampPatrickDay

With Compassion, Charles Conwell”

Patrick Day was 27-years-old. theJasmineBRAND sends our sincere condolences to the family and friends of Patrick.

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay