Kehlani Wants Fans To Stop Assuming She Wants ‘Every Woman In The F*cking World’


Kehlani Wants Fans To Stop Assuming She Wants ‘Every Woman In The F*cking World’

Singer Kehlani had to have a heart-to-heart conversation with her fans over the weekend.

On Sunday (Apr. 14) Kehlani, 28, shared a video to her 5.4 million TikTok followers urging them to stop thinking she’s pursuing every woman they see her interact with. The video, which is a little over one minute long, starts with,

“We have to have a conversation. Just because I’m gay does not mean that I want every woman in the f*cking world. I will get on [TikTok], I will like somebody’s post or comment on their post, and you guys are like ‘Stay away from her! You have everybody! Stay away from her you can’t have this one. What are you doing here?’”

The “Can I” artist continues,

“Sometimes I just like what they post, I like what they do for a living. I am gay but I also just like stuff, I’m a fan of things. And there’s like so many factors to be considered. Sometimes I’m commenting on people’s stuff who are like, eight years younger than me. Or like, aren’t gay in any way.”

Kehlani’s remarks seemingly refer to women’s basketball player Paige Bueckers. The 2x Grammy-nominated entertainer left a “period Jesus” comment on a video the 22-year-old athlete shared last week that prompted several TikTok users to assume they were an item.


Praise Him ALWAYS!!! #Godisgreat #Uconn #fyp #Basketball @ice @KK Arnold

? original sound – For Dios

One person wrote,

“she got Kehlani it’s over”

However, it’s important to note that the pair have never claimed to be romantically involved and Paige Bueckers has never even said she was gay. Kehlani then says in the video,

“What happened to like, [when] b*tches could comment on other b*tches stuff like ‘Go off girl!’…I feel like the gay b*tch that walked into the f*cking locker room and everybody starts covering up their titties, being like, “Well, that one is [gay.]” Let me rock.”


its about time we had this talk TIKTOK #gay

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See reactions to what Kehlani had to say below: 

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel