Big Tigger Seemingly Responds To Ms. Pat’s Remarks About Her & Shamea Morton Being Fired From His Radio Show: ‘Haters Gone Hate’

Tigger, Ms. Pat, Shamea Morton

Big Tigger Seemingly Responds To Ms. Pat’s Remarks About Her & Shamea Morton Being Fired From His Radio Show: ‘Haters Gone Hate’

Update (June 24, 2024): Big Tigger is speaking out after Ms. Pat’s remarks about her and Shamea Morton being blindsided when they were fired from his popular radio show in Atlanta.

In a cryptic Instagram post, Big Tigger shared a screenshot with highlights of an article from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that “ratings have improved” since newbie Jazzy McBee joined the show earlier this year.

Big Tigger also highlighted a quote from Ms. Pat where she told the outlet,

“It was great. I enjoyed working with Shamea and V-103 … I was hardly ever there anyway. Things were picking up so much, I had to skip a lot of days.”

In his IG post, Big Tigger added the caption,

“As reported in the @acjnews by @rodneyhoajc #MenLieWomenLieNumbersDont #HatersGoneHate”

Original Story (June 18, 2024): Actress/comedian Ms. Pat isn’t over the way her former boss Big Tigger abruptly fired her.

The Ms. Pat Show star blasted the media personality while alleging that she and her former co-host Shamea Morton were given the boot allegedly due to male ego.

Ms. Pat

Ms. Pat, real name Patricia Williams, got candid about her final days co-hosting The Big Tigger Morning Show during a newly aired interview with The Breakfast Club. Opening up about how things actually came to an end, the comedian accused V-103 and Big Tigger of firing her and Shamea Morton at Big Tigger’s behest, explaining:

“Fired me before I could quit…I told them, I said ‘Imma leave in August’ and before August could get there.. I was blown away. I’d never thought I was gone get fired from that job.”

Shamea Morton, Big Tigger, Ms. Pat

When DJ Envy questioned if the two had “no idea” their jobs were at risk, Ms. Pat added:

“NOOOO…me and Shamea didn’t have no idea!…No idea at all. I just knew they was gone renew her contract and I was gone gone about my business…but that’s what happens when you work with a hater.”

Big Tigger

Continuing, Ms. Pat went on to double down on her criticism of Darian “Big Tigger” Morgan, adding:

“Tigger is the biggest d**n hater…I mean you had a good show, and you messed it up because of your ego…to me it was jealously…I was so shocked…I said ‘y’all gone fire me? Do you know these people get up to listen to me?…and you gone fire the person who had the most going on, which me and Shamea? You gone leave the DJ?!'”

Ms. Pat went on to state that she’s since blocked Tigger, and further condemned him as well as anyone who chooses to work for him. Back in November of last year, Ms. Pat and V-103 suddenly announced they were parting ways after 2 years together. However, at that time. neither party elaborated much on the split.

Tigger has since been joined by two new co-hosts, while Ms. Pat is producing new seasons of her BET sitcom and hosting a podcast. Morton is filming for her The Real Housewives of Atlanta debut as a main cast member.

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Authored by: Kay Johnson