VERY Adult Content: Nude Photos of Jennifer Williams (BBall Wives) Hit the Net!

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Nude photos of reality star Jennifer Williams’ (Basketball Wives) have literally hit the net.

*Warning* Must be 18yrs Or Older To View. Please note that although some of the images are blurred out, they are a bit explicit. I will more than likely pull them down in the morning, so peep them while you can.


According to the source, these photos were emailed to them anonymously. Jennifer is not the first cast mate to have nude photos leaked–Evelyn Lozada holds that title.

And three hours ago, Jennifer responded on twitter:

“Wowsers…. That’s really all I can say..!”

((Honestly, feel a little bad about this situation. I’m sure its very embarrassing.))

10 Comments to “VERY Adult Content: Nude Photos of Jennifer Williams (BBall Wives) Hit the Net!”

  1. Yosh says:

    WoooooooooooooooooooooooooW! O_O

  2. Black Beauty says:

    Well, she looks good. Didn’t think it was very tactful of the lucky fella to burn her by publishing pictures she obviously sent to him in private.

  3. Moi says:

    Well damn! Beautiful body…but “the shot” was a bit much. I guess! Good luck with that Jen…IMO…he big “MOUFT-ED”, Noogin head ass, soon to be ex-husband probably put them out there for the world to see. She’s a trip but she doesn’t seem like the type of woman that would do something like that if she didn’t really know the person (husband or serious BF)…JMO…

  4. mike says:

    This want hurt her at all it will only get her paid by playboy or by somebody..nice body ..womens with nice body always seen to have pics leak..

  5. Allykat says:

    DAAAYYYUUMMMM! “the shot” was a bit much. Folks need to stop sending nude flicks. You never know where they will end up. Those boobs are a lil suspect. Those nipples are looking every which way but straight LOL

  6. faith says:

    WHOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!… nice tits… lol

  7. queena says:

    You go girl I. Got the body to send pics to anyone fuckit only live once

  8. say what you clown your ex-hubby then toss it out there for the free? Not classy for a lady. well it otta sale some lip gloss lol

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