Wendell Pierce On Playing Opposite Kerry Washington, Reviving ‘The Wire’

Wendell Pierce, Kerry Washington

Wendell Pierce, Kerry Washington

Wendell Pierce, is an acclaimed producer, author (The Wind In The Weeds: A Storm, A Play, and the City That Would Not Be Broken) and actor who has played in films and TV shows such as Waiting to Exhale, A Rage In Harlem, Selma, The Wire and Treme. In his latest role as Clarence Thomas in HBO’s Confirmation, the New Orleans native explains just how significant this role was for him. Peep a few excerpts from his conversation with Vulture.

On his opinion on who was telling the truth: 

I do have an opinion, but all the change that came about became of the events is more important, that’s why I choose not to distract from it by giving my opinion. I hold it close to vest.

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Pierce states he tried to reach out to Thomas through different channels but wasn’t able to. Pierce says he would be fascinated to meet him now, being how they were similar.

We both come from families in the South who lived through slavery and Jim Crow and put a premium on education as the key to success in life. And we’re both Catholics, which is rare.

On co-starring with Kerry Washington, but not sharing any scenes with her:

It was fuel for me to step into the room and begin my work. It really helped me watch her. So while I didn’t have any scenes with her, I was able to play off her work.

On if he would like to revive his role as Bunk in The Wire:

Yes I would, but I know for fact David Simon would never do it. But, I will always meet someone somewhere in the world who says, I just watched The Wire for the first time and I loved it. I wear that with honor and I will forever be Bunk.

Read his full VULTURE interview here.

By -Stephanie Fairfax


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