Halle Berry Wins a Custody Battle Against her Baby’s Father

Written by thejasminebrand in Blog

Friday (August 26, 2011) Halle Berry, and the father of her daughter had a not-so-pretty altercation in the courtroom. In 2005 she began dating supermodel Gabriel Aubry. In 2007 she became pregnant with their daughter, Nahla Ariel Aubry. Unfortunately, in 2010 they separated and worked out a 50/50 custody deal for their child. But a disagreement has surfaced again, now that Halle is preparing to shoot a movie in Europe. Apparently, there is a section in their custody contract, which they call the “movie clause.” It outlines whether or not Halle gets to take Nahla with her while she is filming a movie. Baby father, Gabriel Aubry, obviously did not want Halle to take Nahla with her while she was overseas filming. But the judge ruled in Halle’s favor, after her lawyers, Neal Hersh and Judy Bogen fought on her behalf. The exact terms of the final decision have not been revealed but TMZ reports that Nahla will be spending more time with Halle during the movie taping than Gabriel wanted her to. Ouch…

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