12-Year-Old Boy Slams President Obama: You don’t love America! [VIDEO]

12 year old-CJ Pearson Blasts President Obama-the jasmine brand

You don’t love our nation. You just don’t. -CJ Pearson (12).

A 12-year-old named CJ (Coreco Ja’Quan) Pearson is livid at President Obama. So much so, he’s made a thought-provoking 3 minute video, criticizing the President. Why? Echoing the same sentiments as former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who first launched the “Obama hates America” comment, he too believes Obama lacks love for our nation.

In the clip, he tells his viewers:

If you loved America, you wouldn’t try to take away, what hard-working Americans, have worked for their entire lives!! You wouldn’t do this if you loved the people of America.

12 year old CJ Pearson Blasts President Obama-viral video-the jasmine brand

He adds:

I heard about Rudy Giuliani’s comments and that he was being called a racist and a bigot. I was infuriated. I didn’t believe that he was racist. They were taking about [taking away] his freedom of rights. His views are shared by me, and I hope that one day, people will join us in speaking against this president’s strong hated [sic] for America.