Belgian choreographer on Beyonce’s Countdown, “She is not the worst copycat.”

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After the release of Beyonce’s Countdown video, a video surfaced comparing it to work from Belgian choreographer Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, and highlighting the distinct similarities between the two videos. Adria Petty, director of the video said in an interview with MTV that,“I brought Beyonce a number of references and we picked some out together. Most were German modern-dance references believe it or not,” which can be interpreted that the video’s semblance was intentional. Other notable references in the video were from the iconic movies “Westside Story” and “Funny Face,” also paying homage to The Supremes and Audrey Hepburn. However, Ms. De Keersmaeker, one of the most influential choreographers to contemporary dance, spoke out saying she was never consulted regarding her choreography being used in “Countdown.” She released an extensive written piece in response:

“Like so many people, I was extremely surprised when I got the message through Facebook about the special appearance of my two choreographies — Rosas danst Rosas (1983) and Achterland (1990) in Beyonce’s new video clip Countdown. I was asked if I were now selling out Rosas into the commercial circuit……When I saw the actual video, I was struck by the resemblance of Beyonce’s clip not only with the movements from Rosas danst Rosas, but also with the costumes, the set and even the shots from the film by Thierry De Mey…….People asked me if I’m angry or honored. Neither, on the one hand I am glad that Rosas danst Rosas can perhaps reach a mass audience which such a dance performance could never have achieved despite its popularity in the dance world since 1980s. And, Beyonce is not the worst copycat, she sings and dances very well, and she has a good taste! On the other hand, there are protocols and consequences to such actions, and I can’t imagine she and her team are not aware of it…..Beyond resemblance there is also one funny coincidence. Everyone told me she is dancing and she is four months pregnant. In 1996 when De Mey’s film was made, I was also pregnant with my second child. So today, I can only wish her the same joy that my daughter brought me.”

There has been no official statement from Beyonce’s camp. Check the video comparison below:

Source: NY Mag