Amanda Seales Calls Out Shannon Sharpe For ‘Interrogating Me w/ Absolutely Zero Love For Me’ When She Told Him She Had Been ‘Recently Diagnosed’ w/ Autism

Shannon Sharpe, Amanda Seales

Amanda Seales Calls Out Shannon Sharpe For ‘Interrogating Me w/ Absolutely Zero Love For Me’ When She Told Him She Had Been ‘Recently Diagnosed’ w/ Autism

Amanda Seales is calling out Shannon Sharpe.

The multi-hyphenate, 42, recently sat down for an interview with the retired NFL star, 55, and opened up about the criticism and ridicule she’s received over the years for her outspoken activism in the Black community.

During the chat, she also shared that she is on the autism spectrum. Shannon Sharpe appeared to question her diagnosis, leaving Amanda Seales to have to explain.

On Friday morning (April 26), Amanda Seales criticized Shannon Sharpe via Instagram for his reaction.

She recapped their conversation and wrote,

“Shannon: But have you been clinically diagnosed?

Me: Yes, there is a clinical diagnosis for autism.

— He then hung his head and exhaled in frustration because I did not answer his question.”

She continued,

“This is called deflection. Why? Because I was not going to be pressured by this man who was interrogating me with absolutely zero love for me into proving something to him that l. By his line of questioning, he had already committed to undermining.”

She added that her response “may be confusing to some,” so she is now “clarifying.”

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She also referenced comments she made on Instagram Live about not being clinically diagnosed. See her remarks from that video below.

During her chat with Sharpe, Seales said she was “just recently diagnosed” with autism. She added that Black autistic women encouraged her to discover if she had the condition, pointing out that she’s wondered if she was autistic in the past.

She added that her mother began to do research and realized she showed signs of autism when she was a child.

She shared that she believes her father is also autistic as he’s “brilliant,” however, “he was never seen the way he needed to be seen,” so it “turned into narcissism.”

Sharpe then stated that one being gifted or seeing things “differently” doesn’t automatically equate to being autistic, and Seales said it’s connected to “how my brain functions.”

She said there are “clinical diagnoses” for autism and Sharpe asked if there was a diagnosis specifically for her. She replied,

“There are clinical diagnoses for autism, yes.”

About an hour before her IG post, Seales defended her diagnosis and called out another publication for suggesting that it “is not valid” because it did not come from a clinician. She continued,

“What’s not valid is people speaking on things that they don’t know about. My autism diagnosis is not for you all to discuss. It’s not up for your debate.

She added that those who question a diagnosis that did not come from a clinician are proving that they “don’t know anything” on the topic.

”This is further proof of why we as Black people, particularly in Black media spaces, are our own worst enemy.”

She warned that those who try to “degrade” and “defame” her in the comments will be blocked.

“I again will no longer argue what I know with what you think.”


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