[Photos] Beyonce & Jay-Z Attend Travyvon Martin’s Rally in NYC

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The nation continues to voice it’s support for the memory of Trayvon Martin.

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Over the weekend, peaceful protests, rallies and marches continued across the country. Beyonce, Jay-Z and Tina Knowles attended the NYC rally with Trayvon’s mother, Sabrina Fulton. Check out some of the candid photos.

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b-beyonce-jayz-attend travyvon martins rally-the jasmine brand


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  • Anonymous

    They cant even support the rally of a teenager’s death without people snappin pictures. I mean I understand that’s Jay-Z and Beyonce but damn a little boy was murdered. Ya’ll suppose to be comforting his mother not 2 celebs … People really dont get it

  • DIVA

    I am so happy that celebrities are supporting this cause. It was a sad day when Zimmerman walked out that court house a free man. I pray justice will be served for Travyvon & his family.

  • vapariga

    I think it’s great that celebrities are supporting this and Trayvon’s family BUT I think in addition to lending their celebrity or name, I am hoping that when the federal case is opened, that they will contribute monetarily if needed so that the next legal representation (not sure how this works) is top of the line, Johnny Cochran style. They need to go big and they need to go hard. What would be great is if they could re-try the case on appeal and then send Zimmerman’s behind straight back to jail! Kudo’s to Bey & Jay though, for stepping out so publicly and representing. I agree with anonymous that people should’ve held off on being star struck for a moment and focused on why they were there in the first place, but that’s going to happen regardless and I’m sure it was expected.

  • m&m

    So great to see them lend their star power- like jaime foxx has been doing. who knows, his mom may have wanted the picture because she is a fan. – but is it me or does Bey look like she has a baby bump????

  • Anonymous

    Im very proud they showed for something so important