Soulja Boy Lands Movie Based On His Encounter Shooting Burglars Who Broke Into His Home

Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy Lands Movie Based On His Encounter Shooting Burglars Who Broke Into His Home

In a recent interview, Soulja Boy (real name DeAndre Cortez aka Young Drako) recounts how in late 2008, when he was just 18-years-old, his home was broken into by robbers after an album release party in Atlanta. The Grammy nominated rapper explained that he is set to tell this story in an upcoming movie called, ‘This Can’t Be Real.’ Soulja explains,

“N*ggas tried to rob me, I shot them.”

Soulja says that the group of men invaded his home with Ak-47s and ski masks.

“It was self defense, the whole story was, this is a very serious topic. I could have lost my life. Here we are now, 10 years later. Some niggas kicked in my door with ski masks on and ak-47s. They didn’t see me, I crack the door and I see like 5 niggas with guns. I open up the door and started shooting at all of them. I had a 45 pistol. First one I missed and he ducked out the house. The second one I hit, third one I hit. I walked up to him and put the gun behind his head. I was going to blow his brains out. Didn’t want to blow his brains out all over my couch. I took off his mask and I knew who he was. One of my homeboys, it was an inside job. Nobody shot back. I moved like that same day to LA.”

As to how many shots he fired, Soulja replies,

“I let out the whole clip.”

He continues later in the interview,

“I had to shoot them. They could have killed me. Could have tied me up, all kinds of stuff. I had no other choice.”

Although, Soulja has never confirmed or denied killing the intruders, he details shooting him multiple times while emptying his firearm. In another viral interview in 2016, Soulja calls the robbery and shooting of the intruders, one he says was his homeboy.

In the 2016 interview, he is asked about whether or not the shooting was fatal for any of the burglars. To this he responds,

“Nah, nah. I don’t want to talk all about that.”

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By Gregory Molette

Authored by: Kellie Williams