Kyle Massey Says ‘People Need To Step Up & Protect These Kids’ While Reacting To ‘Quiet On Set’ Documentary

Kyle Massey

Kyle Massey Says ‘People Need To Step Up & Protect These Kids’ While Reacting To ‘Quiet On Set’ Documentary

Former Disney star Kyle Massey recently shared his thoughts about the Quiet on Set documentary.

The 32-year-old expressed heartfelt concern for his fellow child stars who were victimized while working in entertainment and praised those who’ve spoken out.

Kyle Massey

Kyle Massey reportedly spoke about the docuseries during a recent podcast appearance, stating:

“I think it’s just unfortunate…a lot of people need to step up and protect these kids because a set of a children’s show should always be the safest place that those kids can go,”

He added:

“Honestly, I just… I’m praying for everybody that’s involved.”

The actor went on to share how “blessed” and grateful he is to have had parents who were able to be around all the time while he and his brother Chris Massey, 34, were filming their respective shows. In case you’re unfamiliar, Kyle Massey starred in the hit Disney series That’s So Raven and Cory in the House while his brother Chris Massey starred in the Nickelodeon hit Zoey 101.

Chris & Kyle Massey

Kyle went on to surmise that his parents likely took advice from the parents of his TV sister Raven Symoné and went “everywhere” with him and his brother. He also noted that like Raven Symoné other child stars had their parents on set with them daily, including Disney starlet Miley Cyrus and Nickelodeon star Jamie Lynn Spears. Acknowledging the sacrifice his parents Angela and Michael made for him, Kyle added:
“Thank God that I was in that type of situation because the other side of that coin is a dark side…And I just thank God that my experience was family. Everyone’s family was involved in everything, all the time.”

Chris, Angela, & Kyle Massey

The documentary, formally titled Quiet on Set: The Dark Side of Kids TV, was released in March of this year to much discussion. The 5-part series chronicles the story of former Nickelodeon employees and actors who allege that the working environment was toxic and often exploited child stars. Famed producer Dan Schneider was at the center of a few allegations, with some claiming that he was sexist and inappropriate with children, an accusation that Kyle’s mother Angela opposed, previously writing in support of the TV exec:

“Dan Schneider You are awesome. You are a genius I can’t thank this guy enough for the opportunity he gave my son @chrismasseytmb and my family. BLAME THE PARENTS NOT DAN”

Kyle’s brother Chris, who worked closely with Dan Schneider and did not appear in the docuseries, however, later stated that he’ll eventually share his own experience and thoughts about the situation.


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Authored by: Kay Johnson