Did Kris Jenner Plant the Lamar Odom Drug Addiction Story?

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‘Round these parts, we try our darndest to remain objective and keep our two cents to ourselves and even with this post, we’re trying to do so.

If you’re an entertainment junkie, chances are, you’re familiar with the story that’s been circulating about Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian. The most interesting part, at least in our minds, is the fact that the NBA baller has been (allegedly) privately fighting a drug addiction. Even more interesting to us, is the fact that some folk suggest Kris Jenner (who is arguably the marketing genius behind the ‘Kardashian BRAND’) may have had something to do with leaking information to the press, about Odom’s alleged addiction.


Internally, we always argue about publicists, managers and handlers ‘planting’ media (*raises hands*) stories. As someone who works in this field, we constantly receive emails, calls, tips, etc., about ‘stories’ that may interest us. And some, not all seem to think that Kris may be behind planting the ‘Lamar Odom Smoked Crack’ story.

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Here’s what we know thus far:

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–According to TMZ, on Monday, Odom was not missing, but at a Los Angeles hotel. His agent (Jeff Schwartz) reported that his wife (Khloe) knew of Odom’s whereabouts.

Radar Online reports that although Khloe allegedly filed for separation Monday, the couple may be reconciling. The couple was spotted at their multi-million dollar mansion. Specifically, was spotted late on Monday afternoon driving into the gated community  where he and Khloe live, where they remained Tuesday.

–The Kardashian clan hasn’t released a public statement or made any twitter comments besides, Khloe’s not so pleasant tweet:


Screen shot 2013-08-28 at 12.10.36 AM

–Lamar’s ex girlfriend and the mother of his three children, Liza Morales, has remained silent.

If in fact, Kris did plant this story, what would be her motivation? And do you believe that Kris would go so far as to plant a negative story about her son-in-law?

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  • DIVA

    What is interesting to me is if he has been on crack for 2 or more yrs as they are reporting how did he not fail drug tests that where given by the NBA…hmmmm…I don’t know about this one. I am interested in how this will all play out. Keep us posted Jazz :)!

  • Resa

    He has failed NBA drug tests in the past, twice. he said it was. For marijuana….but the NBA doesn’t reveal what.

    • Anonymous

      Because he failed in the past does not make him a crack head. Diva is correct. If he was on crack for two years the NBA would have made it public he failed the drug test and he would not have played basketball. Use common sense here!.

  • Anonymous

    its a big chance she did…. you know how she is… money first…. funny how she is worried about the family brand but the family brand was built on a sex tape….

  • Shannon

    Am I really the only person on earth that doesnt believe that Kris planted this story. I don’t know whether Lamar is on drugs or not but I find it very hard to believe that a woman who wants nothing but the best tor her kids, money for them and the greatest deals for her children would plant a story that would only cause her daughter nothing but misery. How ridiculous does that sound. Her children are her world, and she would not intentionally hurt khloe. Let alone, Lamar is her client, why would she jeopardize her cut of any possible endorsements that he could potentially get. Who would want someone on crack to endorse anything. People think. She may be many things but one thing she isn’t is dumb.

  • kay p

    when TMZ has stories about the Kardashians that Kris did NOT plant – they will have comments from her or anyone of them contradicting, cleaning up or in some way addressing the rumors….I think it’s her

  • RiCH

    My opinion is that these people will do ANYTHING to keep their name in the media. I’m sorry I just think that it’s too ironic that all of a sudden Khloe and Lamar are having troubles while the cameras are OFF! The two Kardashian’s with the most sense are Kourtney and Rob. They can’t stand for Kris to be in their business and they keep her as far away as possible! She is an opportunist and when she sees an avenue to make money, she takes it! I love their uniqueness and all with the whole black and while thing however, I don’t and won’t respect people who will use the media as a ploy to make side money…if their lives have become to “average” for the reality show, cut the freakin cameras off! This just makes me sick and I would hope that Lamar isn’t in on this mess either.

  • caro

    I think the Ks planted the story to make Khloé look good since it was reported that she made a scene at a hotel where Lamar stayed with another woman including attacking and harassing the other woman. Now that sounded very true, and was very embarrassing for Khloé, therefore they humiliated Lamar.

  • mib

    lamar odom is a good dude how could anybody close to him leak this info! he helps his friends so they wouldnt n it would have be somevody close to him….it has to be jenner

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