Love Don’t Live Here Anymore: K.Michelle Announces Break-Up With NBA Baller Boyfriend Lance Stephenson

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Reason number 1,268,987 why sometimes it’s best to keep your romantic life away from the public spotlight. This week, K.Michelle announced that she and her NBA baller boyfriend, Lance Stephenson, have broken up. It’s either the end of their relationship or she’s sharing lyrics to a new song (which could in fact be the case). On Tuesday evening, the singer and Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reality star made the announcement on twitter:

I’m single. Ill explain later. I have to do what’s best for me. ? If it doesn’t make you smile, know when to walk away. There’s only so much a heart can take. No one deserves to be lied to and cheated on.

k.michelle-new boyfriend-lance stephenson break up-the jasmine brand
According to reports, the two started dating last December, after photogs caught the two smooching at a New York’s ‘Kiss & Fly’. No official word on what ended K and Stephenson’s latest relationship, but this isn’t her first public break-up with a professional athlete. Last year, K. Michelle had an intense relationship and a VERY public break-up with Knicks player J.R. Smith. During an interview with ‘The Breakfast Club’, she admitted:

Yeah, man he played me. I was in love. I was so open dude, I was ready to cook breakfast naked. I was ready to sit own. I was very sincere. He was so persistent. I was going thru my angry black woman syndrome, it was lot of nagging, a lot of fussing.

Anywho, we’re sure K.Michelle will bounce back in the love department.

  • siaresheree

    Yeah..she just needs to keep her relationships very private….

  • Shannon

    I didn’t realize her relationship was that important where she felt the need to make an announcement lol.

  • The Mrs

    see she must be crazy . who breaks up that fast over and over again. And that just proves no big ole booty doesnt keep a man.

  • m&m

    it will never be the right man, or the right time, or the right situation as long as she keeps going into relationships with her same self. She MUST get herself together before she really becomes a train wreak. She got another record deal, if she fouls this up, it’s a wrap for her. Seek therapy boo-boo, so when Mr. Right comes, you will be right within yourself.

    • Keesha

      @M&M. You are AB-SO-LUTELY right. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

  • C

    K Michelle just needs to get her a nice light skin brother (clears throat) like myself..Iol..I am one man happy to read this sad yet delightful story

  • A

    I dont see anything wrong with a public relationship, its when things go wrong that folks wish it was private… i say if you have to hide your relationship then you need to re-evaluate your relationship, bcuz you might really dont want to be in it..

  • pusha-d

    I am sure they both have options…

    • boobay


  • love

    K. Michelle has more issues than Jet.