[EXCLUSIVE] Juicy J Sued Over Hit Song “Bandz A Make Her Dance”, Accused Of Stealing Video Footage

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The suit explains that the company works with artists to produce cutting edge music videos and says they work closely with clients to capture behind the scenes raw footage along with providing the highest quality production work.

CDP says Juicy J called them in August 2012 to produce a music video for his song “Bandz A Make Her Dance” . The shoot was to feature Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz and he wanted the video to be completed in two days.

The company says they immediately began location scouting along with casting extras, securing trailers for the stars, obtaining craft services and also insurance coverage for the shoot.

Juicy J-Sued over Banz A Make Her Dance Video-the jasmine brand

Then they explain they got a call from Lil Wayne’s people who told them he wasn’t going to make it,  which they believed meant the whole shoot was cancelled. Then they got a call back an hour later saying he was going to make it. They say they lost the venue they secured due to the original cancellation.

Further, they say Lil Wayne needed a trailer with a television so he could watch the Olympics, which they did.

Then the video shoot took place on August 26th and Mahad Dar was the principal photographer. The lawsuit explains that he is the sole owner of the video footage and the deal was he would be until Juicy J and him came to an agreement on money — then he would handle over the copyrights to the rapper.

Dar says that no deal was ever made with Columbia Records and they still released the video without his permission. He explains the video went on to be a major hit with 34 million views on YouTube and sold over 1 million copies.

The lawsuit accuses Juicy J and his record label of copyright infringement and is demanding an injunction against the rapper from continuing to sell his song and also want all profits made from the song and video handed over the them.

Check out the video in question.

See the EXCLUSIVE Court Docs

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