[Ovary Hustlin’] NeYo & Fiancée Crystal Renay Announce Pregnancy + Singer Blasts Critics: F**k off!

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Congratulations to NeYo (real name Shaffer Chimere Smith) and Crystal Renay! The two are expecting their first child together.

crystal renany-pregnancy-the jasmine brand

The singer shared the news on Instagram, posting a picture of the video model holding up a maternity shoot photo.

One of Crystal’s friends also posted an Instgram message congratulating the two not only on their pregnancy, but their upcoming wedding. She wrote on Instagram:

Screaming congratulations on the up coming wedding and the baby bundle to my favorite couple and best friends @mscrystalrenay @neyo. Can’t wait to meet the beautiful angel a miracle of life #GodMommy #mscrystalrenay #LoveHappy

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  • AC

    But didn’t people say they were together previously and they denied it? Now she is pregnant? I have no issues with her being pregnant, just why lie about yall being together in the first place?

  • riri

    This chick is just like the other (Gold Diggers) she wanted a come up so the best way for her to get paid $$$ for the next 18 years she got (Knocked Up)….#Shade Intended

  • jim

    So suddenly NeYo wants to be the (Big Bad Wolf)?? Disrespecting those who supported him in the past and present….We’ll see how long this relationship last?…..Karma has a way to revisit those who were not so nice to others in the past.

  • jd

    That bald headed monkey should just write for now on. That last album flopped and there can’t be a tour! No one is checking for him.

  • heid

    She got what she wanted a (Pay Check)….I wonder what NeYo’s Mom have to say about this? His Mom interferred with his and Monyetta’s relationship, I wonder she’s trying to run the new relationship?…..#New Chick’s not having it…. #Truth

  • kate

    Sister u are happy now as the first wife was. What he did to her it will come back to u. What goes around comes. Men like neyo are insecure