Trey Songz & Meek Mill Have An Awkward Exchange Over Charity, Trey Songz Later Apologizes 

Meek Mill, Trey Songz

Trey Songz & Meek Mill Have An Awkward Exchange Over Charity, Trey Songz Later Apologizes

Both Meek Mill and Trey Songz are making headlines, after having an awkward exchange on social media over giving back. Today (June 24th), rapper Meek Mill’s (real name Robert Rihmeek Williams) shared a social media post of him vacationing. He captioned it:

Ain’t no such thing as being real with people that’s tryna use you!

Singer Trey Songz immediately commented:

Take some of them bands and accept the #feedyourcitychallenge

Meek Mill replied to the singer’s comment writing:

@treysongz I donated like 2 mill this year where you at? Lol

He added:

200k to Philadelphia schools … my phantom for less fortunate 400k … and heko raise 50 mil for reform. @treysongz don’t try me like that!

To that, Trey Songz replied:

@meekmill what you feel attacked? I know what you doing for your community that’s why I challenged you. I’m at everybody to do they part and more, you included, Ima try whoever bout what I’m on right now. Fell how you feel.

The #FEEDYOURCITYCHALLENGE was created by the Ricky Davis Legacy Foundation, Rapper Pusha T and music legend Tony Draper, as a way for celebrities to give back to their hometowns.

Trey Songz

After their brief exchange, the “Say Ah” singer then screenshotted the brief responses between the two and posted it on his page. With it, Trey Songz captioned:

So @meekmill apparently felt a way bout me challenging him to the #feedyourcitychallenge. He felt the need to tell me what he’s already done, hopefully not realizing I tapped on him because of how much I know he’s already doing for his community. That’s great you donated fam, that’s great you helping prison reform, that’s great you gave ya phantom. I’m simply trying to bring us together to further help our communities. You offended? Lol you got it! ??

Underneath Songz post, Meek Mill commented:

Nah I didn’t don’t try to put me on the spot wit that sideways sh!t that’s not even no money like 4 racks … other artist telling artist to donate is dumb just handle ya business! Don’t try to put me on the spot .. this behavior kinda of new artist don’t speaking on my money … coulda kept this in the comments bro I just ain’t feel your comment no big deal

Then, Songz responded:

@meekmill I hit ya phone, both numbers I got and I sent a dm. It’s a challenge [email protected] Same way I challenged Mustard, Fab, Trouble and they all accepted. We ain’t even sposta be at no kinda odds bout giving back $hit goofy.

On Twitter, Meek Mill informed fans that despite the brief disagreement between him and Songz, they’re still brothers. He tweeted:

Me and trey bro’s that lil… threw me off tho!

Songz replied:

Bruh, emojis aint $h!t. However, I do apologize if you felt slighted. Can we do the challenge in Philly man? It will be huge

As previously reported, in April Meek Mill donated his dream car, a Rolls-Royce Phantomas part of his donation to help those affected by the coronavirus. One day prior (April 14), the “Dreams and Nightmares” rapper took to social media to announce that he was joining the All In Challenge.

“My guy hit me about the All In Challenge and I quickly accepted. Checking in. This is for people who were affected by the coronavirus or less fortunate. I’m in a position where I can help out. So you know me, they said ‘all in’ I came right out the door with my biggest car, my favorite car, my Rolls-Royce Phantom I’m throwing it into the All In Challenge.”

Earlier this year, Meek Mill also joined billionaire-rapper Jay-Z in donating masks to prisons hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic.

Jay Z, Meek Mill

Their organization, The Reform Alliance, partnered with Madonna, The Bail Project, and many more, to send 100k masks to those who live and work behind bars.

Do you believe that Meek Mill had a right to be offended by Trey Songz #feedyourcitychallenge comment? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

Authored by: Cierra Jones