Draya Michele Explains Why She Called Brandi Maxiell’s Cancer Storyline Boring +Brandi Calls Cast Mate, ‘Pathetic’

Brandi Maxiell, Draya Michele

Brandi Maxiell, Draya Michele

Sunday night’s episode of Basketball Wives LA resulted in a fall-out between Draya Michele and Brandi Maxiell. If you’ve watched the popular VH1 show, you’re quite aware with the not-so-nice spat that resulted in two friends, ending their friendship on reality TV.

While we’ll spare you the details on what went down, what we WILL share is an interesting Instagram posts that both women shared with their followers.

Draya issued a public apology to Brandi, but also explained why she called Brandi’s storyline for this season, boring. See Draya’s posts below.

Part 1
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Authored by: TJB Writer