(EXCLUSIVE) Deion Sanders Ex-Wife Pilar Says She Has No Money, Pleads w/ Court to Appeal Divorce Judgement

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theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports, Deion Sanders ex-wife, Pilar Sanders, is pleading with a Texas Court to allow her to appeal her divorce judgement, claiming she wants to continue the fight with her former husband but she is dead broke and can’t afford to pay the court fees.

Pilar Sanders circa 2012

Pilar Sanders circa 2012

Last year, a Texas court awarded Deion a total of $2.2 million judgement against his ex-wife Pilar in a defamation suit he brought against her.

Deion sued his ex after she gave interviews and posted online about being a victim of domestic violence at the hands of the ex-NFL star. The court found Deion was defamed by Pilar and awarded him the multi-million judgement, which offset any money that he owed her as part of their divorce settlement. Following the judgement, it was reported that Deion then owed Pilar nothing from the settlement but she now owed him 7 figures.

Deion Sanders

Deion Sanders

Then recently, Pilar filed docs in her divorce case explaining she is too broke to pay the court fees to file an appeal. She states she has 3 children – 2 sons and a daughter – all that live with Deion at the moment.

Pilar informs the court that she has been unemployed for over 15 years due to her being a homemaker for Deion and the children. She spends $0 in rent a month (she currently lives with her mother & sister), $9 for health insurance, $400 for child care, $200 for food and she isn’t making any money from work.

She explains she has had to take out a $15k loan for expenses, owes $3k to Target, $5k to Visa and $6k to Sam’s but can’t afford to pay any of those bills and has had to take loans from family through the years and can’t pay them back.



Pilar says that she has a 2.2 million dollar judgement owed to her ex-husband but she has no assets, property or valuables to pay it. She claims that she has never received a dime from Deion Sanders that he was ordered to pay and has no savings or retirement.

The former wife of the NFL star is so broke that she is pleading with the court to waive the appeal fees, so she can continue to battle her ex in court to overturn the divorce judgement.

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  • Goldie61

    and the saying goes “God bless the child that has her own”.

  • Lolo

    I do not condone any woman being totally dependent on a man and not having her own something because of things like this. But at the same time he is dead wrong leaving her for dead after being with her all of those years in which she was a home maker (probably by choice of both). He has more than enough money to help her out at least. Just a dog.

    • Anonymous


      • Layla

        You stfu. She is right , he is a sick dog at that! Pilar needs to write a tell all book about this.

  • Mama

    I feel sorry that Pilar lost her children and I do believe Deion’s status in Texas helped him win. However, she overplayed her hand by dragging his name through the mud and lying – which is why she now has the judgement against her. I pray that she can turn her life around and that they can get on one accord for the sake of their children.

  • Kindoa

    Scoop– Pilar needs to be investigated because she HAS a business and offers personal training online.. http://www.pilarsanders.com this woman is FRAUD and she continues victimizing herself over and over to get through life.. Pilar please FOCUS on being productive, a professional, and a hard working woman .. YOU HAVE POTENTIAL like many other past homewives…be honest and make your own money like a respectful woman.. it is never too late.. and stop frauding the system. You are frauding yourself. Please, rely on self-sufficiency and just pay your bills like a grown woman
    You do not need to BEG, honey. If you earn your own living, you will reach true success, dignity and true wealth – INDEPENDENCE and FREEDOM will translate into all kinds of wonderful wealth and success

  • Lisa

    How do you f___ that up? This woman had it made when she was with him, and completely blew it! All because she woke up one day and suddenly wanted to be a reality tv star. Yawn. If you’re already rich, you don’t need to be famous… Her ego messed up a good thing. She should have let Deion continue being the star of the family, while banking and investing all the cash she could get her hands on. Smh…

  • MaxEcclesia

    I don’t know how much of a ‘good’ girl she was in the beginning, but somehow down the line, she became bitter enough to go after Deion with teeth bare and claws out. Usually, the courts believe these crying sob stories and men are simply more vilified and end up paying and losing their kids – her performance wasn’t up to par and the lies were exposed. That’s why the courts ruled in his favor, she acted a fool and was the only fool end the in. It’s sad but happens ALL the time to men who are trying to give these women the world – I guess it’s true; sometimes the world just ain’t enough.

  • Prophetess Christina Asher

    Not a fan of deionized sandars,horrible human being married a trophy wife then didn’t want a trophy wife?? His day is coming..bar her from her children?? He is horrible