Keyshia Cole Hit w/ $4 Million Lawsuit For Attacking Woman Over Birdman

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Keyshia Cole Hit w/ $4 Million Lawsuit For Attacking Woman Over Birdman

Keyshia Cole Sued For 4 Million Over Fight

It’s officially time for Keyshia Cole to lawyer up! The singer, who is joining the new season of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood, has been hit with a lawsuit from a three year old brawl. Reportedly, she’s being sued for the 2014 altercation that involved her and a woman named Sabrina Mercadel.

Keyshia Cole Hit w/ $4 Million Lawsuit For Attacking Woman Over Birdman

Sabrina Mercadel

Back in 2014, Keyshia allegedly attacked Sabrina, over Birdman, whom she was reportedly dating at the time. [Click here for the backstory]. While Keyshia dodged jail time, it appears that she’s facing a legal battle.

Sabrina is said to be suing for around $4 million which includes future loss of earnings, emotional distress, pain and suffering and more. Keyshia has yet to comment.

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  • Ruby Taylor

    This is definitely a frivolous lawsuit. Home girl tried it. She is only due about $500 and some brazilian bundles. I’m not mad at her though. She giving out life lessons lol. Keyshia has to be more responsible for her actions and realize that she has more to lose than the average bear. Adults don’t fight to resolve issues, that’s childish. If you do and you’re rich, be ready to pay up. And Birdman was just using her, didn’t even claim her publically. Talk about insult to financial injury.

    • Ann Taylor

      First off it was 3 years ago you should have sued then.

      • Ruby Taylor

        The law affords people a “statute of limitation” so no one has to sue anybody immediately. They can do it when they are ready, if within the limits of the statute. Sometimes you have to gather evidence to build a case. Or sometimes, you want to let that person’s coins build up so you have more to take from them. (sarcasm but truth)

  • MsApollonia26

    Wow,but the chick called the cops,but dont she counter sue Birdman,if he was there ad did not help you. And I think Keisha lashed out,because of what the basketball player did too her.