T.I. Offers Comedian Lauren Knight $1 Million To Prove He Started Heated Dispute By Calling Her A ‘B*tch,’ Later Claims They Were Able To Hash Out Their Issues 


T.I., Lauren Knight

 T.I. Offers Comedian Lauren Knight $1 Million To Prove He Started Heated Dispute By Calling Her A ‘B*tch,’ Later Claims They Were Able To Hash Out Their Issues 

Did an alleged night of heckling just cost T.I. $1 million?

The rapper, actor, and now stand-up comic has seemingly taken the steps needed to make amends with comedienne Lauren Knight. The reconciliation comes after the two got into a heated exchange during a comedy show in Atlanta on Monday, April 4.

As previously reported, T.I. was spotted lashing out at Lauren Knight following comments she made during an open mic show. He reportedly told the comedienne to “shut the f*ck up” after she joked about the sexual abuse allegations against him and his wife Tiny. He added,

“Listen, as many times as you joke on that sh*t, I’m gon’ check your motherf*ckin’ a** as long as it takes. N*gga, when you stop talking about it and playing with me and mine, I’m gonna stop saying something. N*gga, ain’t no motherf*ckin’ case, ain’t never been no motherf*ckin’ case ’cause I ain’t did nothing wrong and my wife ain’t did nothing wrong. And if you keep on playing with me n*gga, I’m gonna motherf*ckin’ continue to confront you publicly, verbally…”

Lauren Knight later took to Instagram to explain what happened, saying T.I. was heckling her.

“He kept telling me to shut the f*ck up and called me all types of b*tches. Basically heckling me.”

She continued by saying that the “Motivation” rapper “kept going” even after she asked him to stop. He allegedly went so far as to tell her to take her wig off. According to Knight, she then replied,

“I’ll take my wig off when you speak on the allegations.”

From there, Knight explained that’s when things took a turn for the worst, with T.I. telling her “Don’t play with me ’bout that!

T.I. and his wife Tiny, who married in 2010, were accused in 2021 of abusing more than 10 women. The couple has denied the allegations against them on more than one occasion, calling them “baseless and unjustified.”

While he and Knight appeared to have reconciled before the open mic night was over, T.I. claimed he never called the comedian out of her name or referred to her as a b*tch. He even said he would give her a million dollars if she could find a video where he did. Soon after, a video surfaced online of what appears to be T.I. calling Knight a “b*tch.”


T.I. also penned a lengthy message to Knight on Wednesday, April 6, calling her a “young black woman fighting to use her voice for laughter.”

“I’ve said from my entrance into the world of comedy that I intend to use my light to shine on others. To bring awareness to those who also have love and respect for the art form. In the spirit of that… Everyone I’d like to introduce you to @sheslaurenk she’s a young up & coming comic on the scene in Atlanta check her out. She’s a young black women fighting to use her voice for laughter & I understand that may take us down dark roads at times but there’s always an opportunity to find a beacon of light & produce a positive outcome. As i say all the time… all ships rise with the high tide. May she use whatever fame & notoriety she receives for good. I wish you the best & hope you bring the world more joy & laughter with the light you receive. I’ve done my part here… moving on.
Love & Respect -“

T.I. via Instagram x Lauren Knight

Sabrina Peterson, who previously accused T.I. of holding a gun to her head before going on to become the voice of the movement pertaining to the sexual abuse allegations against him and Tiny, said she was “more than triggered.” In an Instagram post captured by The Neighborhood Talk, she said,

“The sad part is if you didn’t have that footage his lies would have cost you your career. Love & light! Protect black women I was more than triggered watching him walk up on you but the blessing was he didn’t have a gun like he did me. I’m a woman first & if we don’t ride for us then no one will.”

Sabrina Peterson via Instagram

Knight has yet to confirm that everything between her and T.I is good now, but she did share a clip of the fictional character Dr. Evil saying “you’re going to have to pay me $1 million” via her IG stories.

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