EXCLUSIVE: TV One Execs Did NOT Want New ‘Sister Circle’ Talk Show To Air, Bracing For Poor Ratings

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EXCLUSIVE: TV One Execs Did NOT Want New 'Sister Circle' Talk Show To Air, Bracing For Poor Ratings

TV One Didn’t Want New Talk Show

theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports, if it were up to some TV One executives, their new talk show ‘Sister Circle’, (which happens to be one of our favs), would have never came to fruition.

The network debuted it’s new daily talk show, “Sister Circle” last month. The show features a panel of four women — Quad Webb-Lunceford (“Married To Medicine”), singer Syleena Johnson, sports reporter Rashan Ali, and standup comedian Kiana Dancie — discussing a range of lifestyle and relationship issues as well as topical subjects. The foursome is joined by DJ Q, who spins records and adds a male perspective to the conversation.

While some viewers welcomed a diverse talk show, sources tell us that higher-ups didn’t approve of the talker and never wanted it to air.

Essentially, they were forced to pick the show up.

We hear that the show had been greenlit by the then president, Brad Siegel.

It was Brad’s brainchild. He had a relationship with the production company and he loved the idea of the network having this new, refreshing show.

EXCLUSIVE: TV One Execs Did NOT Want New 'Sister Circle' Talk Show To Air, Bracing For Poor Ratings

Siegel left in July and sources say that the network was forced to continue with a project that they weren’t a fan of in the beginning.

This show was all Brad’s idea. Execs weren’t against doing a talk show, but they had some other issues with it and they didn’t have as much input as they wanted. 

A source adds,

They were basically forced to move forward with a show that most of them never wanted and you can tell. They did the bare minimum in rolling out the show and are giving it very little push in promoting it.

We’re told that execs are bracing themselves, awaiting disappointing ratings.

They needed more time to work out the kinks. They’re hoping that the show gains some momentum, so that maybe the show can be saved from the inevitable. 

We’re told that execs have no issues with the co-hosts and if the show fails, it’s really a reflection on behind-the-scenes politics.

You can catch the new Tegna production talker daily on TV One. We love diversity on TV, so we’re keeping our finger’s crossed that this show remains on TV!

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  • SumthinSweeter

    It is a damn shame how TV1 is supposed to be one of “our” networks but every morning I watch this show as I get ready for work, I can absolutely tell they gave this show a “bare minimum budget”. #1… it seems weird that their is no studio audience and #2… there is a constant echo on the sound stage. Like these 2 things are super easy to fix. The overall feel just seems like a low budget show someone is shooting from somebodies basement in the 90’s.

  • Melanie Jewel Evers-Parker

    I don’t Watch It Hell 2The Naw They Haven’t Experienced Nothing In Life That I Have Married 2Meds Lady Need To B Trying To Give Her Husband A Baby That He Really Want LoDownHater Quad??????????no Ink In My Oen Hole Up That’s Hust My Opinion Let The Hole Church Say Amen I Don’t Watch The Real On BET Either ??and I Love Me Some CathyHuges ?? DebraLee Amen??

    • Madge

      I wish you would follow in love with PUNCTUATION.

      • ksmith

        Thank you ?? I couldn’t read his post either; his post made my brain cry ?

        • Madge


    • This is just so bad

  • Melanie Jewel Evers-Parker

    Cathy Hughes ?? Debra Lee and I Also Meant No InK In My Parker InkPen?? Hallelujah ?

  • Melanie Jewel Evers-Parker

    VIP in training 2B A Billionaire ?



    • sunnyrn

      Jenny Jones, you are absolutely correct. I would not spend one minute watching Quad’s fake self trying to give advice. I guess she will give fashion advice for fashion for your little dogs. Girl Bye.

  • December86

    I watch and love the show. Gives a diff perspective I will continue to support

  • jasmine

    this shows is so boring. Like I already had low expections. They didn’t even meet those. Quad has so much personality on married to medicine. On this show she gives me nothing. It’s very disappointing. The turned dineva into dj Q. They made a show with black women trying to please a white audience. That’s where they failed. Know your demographic!!!! Had there been some spice in your substance then no one would notice the low production budget.

    • AtomicPlayGirl

      I think you are wrong about that. This show is def not trying to please the white audience. I am a white woman and I can tell you that we do not enjoy watching women being loud as they scream a meaningless phrase over and over. Such behavior works our nerves. It is an indicator pointing out one’s lack of intelligence. Airtime is super expensive……there is no time to waste. Sponsors will not continue to pay for this meaningless mess. When these ladies fall into that stereotypical cycle where they loudly repeat themselves it shows that they have nothing new to bring to the table. Rather than wasting valuable airtime repeating what has already been said they should move on to a new topic. White people don’t do that and we for sure don’t enjoy watching others do it. Of course there are exceptions to every rule. I have tried to give this show a chance but it is unwatchable.

      • Annoyed Spouse

        I have watch the show and I dont remember any screaming meaningless phrases. This show is catering to an African American female audience. It’s a cultural thing, even though so many try an imitate Black women these days most dont really understand the culture. I applaud these ladies, they are so damned beautiful and colorful. I understand that they dont have a lot of experience but they have to start somewhere. I really dont watch talk shows with white females other than the View. There is no connection for me I find them too skinny and boring so I guess we are even.

        • AtomicPlayGirl

          I can appreciate that. It is good there is something for all of us. The ladies are beautiful and it is obvious that the network is not promoting the show or putting $ into it. I never saw it when Funky Dineva was on it. How did I miss that hot mess?!

          I only watched 3 episodes from Jan 2018. And the show is no longer on demand so I can’t provide examples to support my “repeating phrases” claim. I have been watching too much RHofAtlanta as of late. Seeing Nene always mad and repeating her catch phrases. I must currently say I was wrong to state what I did specifically about SisterCircle …..because I no longer have the evidence to back it up. When it comes back on I will watch it with fresh eyes.

          For all of Quad’s being loud and angry on her Bravo show…..I have to say she is being authentic and her pain is real. She has the drive, hustle and desire to be an entrepreneur. But she is a 1 woman show and that is why I feel she will not work on a panel show. I have no idea how well her dog clothing is doing….but her designs were awesome. Made me mad that she didn’t have anything for large dogs. We all want our sig other to love us …..without having to say it….for the things we love about ourselves. Quad’s hubby will never do that. If it was in him to see and do it he already would have. To become that now would just be an act on his part. She just wants/needs her hubby to be her biggest cheerleader. He wants her to have children. I can relate to that kind of pain where there seems not to be a solution. I relate to her because she knows she has no biblical reason to divorce but she knows the exciting kind of love is forever gone. He will prob end up cheating and then she will divorce him w a clean conscience. Then marry the right man and have 12 kids.
          What you said about cultural differences. I love RealHW/Doctors Medicine show because I think these are the ladies letting us see their real lives. But it is painful to watch Heavenly and the self proclaimed Blackadeshi lady (name?) fight over such ridiculous matters as outright and/or perceived disrespect. Why on earth do these women wake up on the warpath…..always accusing others of disrespecting them? It is just so immature. Every one of them claiming to be Christians. In my bible I don’t see Jesus being selfishly self-absorbed with worry over being disrespected. He didn’t take kindly to others disrespecting God but He always humbled himself to others. I will never understand why that is such a big deal in the Black community. Respect is earned. Screaming for it won’t bring it into existence. I think that cast …..instead of destination trips….I think they should gather in a low key place and wash each other’s feet as Jesus did. A good dose of humility would work well I think.

          Thank you for writing to me. I know I will continue to think on what you shared. There are things in me I need to address and change and it really helps when we can remain kind while we speak freely.