EXCLUSIVE: TV One Execs Did NOT Want New ‘Sister Circle’ Talk Show To Air, Bracing For Poor Ratings

EXCLUSIVE: TV One Execs Did NOT Want New 'Sister Circle' Talk Show To Air, Bracing For Poor Ratings

TV One Didn’t Want New Talk Show

theJasmineBRAND.com exclusively reports, if it were up to some TV One executives, their new talk show ‘Sister Circle’, (which happens to be one of our favs), would have never came to fruition.

The network debuted it’s new daily talk show, “Sister Circle” last month. The show features a panel of four women — Quad Webb-Lunceford (“Married To Medicine”), singer Syleena Johnson, sports reporter Rashan Ali, and standup comedian Kiana Dancie — discussing a range of lifestyle and relationship issues as well as topical subjects. The foursome is joined by DJ Q, who spins records and adds a male perspective to the conversation.

While some viewers welcomed a diverse talk show, sources tell us that higher-ups didn’t approve of the talker and never wanted it to air.

Essentially, they were forced to pick the show up.

We hear that the show had been greenlit by the then president, Brad Siegel.

It was Brad’s brainchild. He had a relationship with the production company and he loved the idea of the network having this new, refreshing show.

EXCLUSIVE: TV One Execs Did NOT Want New 'Sister Circle' Talk Show To Air, Bracing For Poor Ratings

Siegel left in July and sources say that the network was forced to continue with a project that they weren’t a fan of in the beginning.

This show was all Brad’s idea. Execs weren’t against doing a talk show, but they had some other issues with it and they didn’t have as much input as they wanted. 

A source adds,

They were basically forced to move forward with a show that most of them never wanted and you can tell. They did the bare minimum in rolling out the show and are giving it very little push in promoting it.

We’re told that execs are bracing themselves, awaiting disappointing ratings.

They needed more time to work out the kinks. They’re hoping that the show gains some momentum, so that maybe the show can be saved from the inevitable. 

We’re told that execs have no issues with the co-hosts and if the show fails, it’s really a reflection on behind-the-scenes politics.

You can catch the new Tegna production talker daily on TV One. We love diversity on TV, so we’re keeping our finger’s crossed that this show remains on TV!

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